Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does shaking things up help?

I am a bit of a computer geek. I admit it. It doesn't bother me at all to be known as a techno-geek. My husband is not so much a geek- but he loves to play online poker and other games. We have had a computer in our home and online access since between 1998-1999. The best, and worst, thing we ever did was get a second computer and set up a router.

Most evenings we get home from work, relax for a few minutes, make dinner and then we sit about 15 feet apart (me in my pseudo-office, him in the living room) each at our respective computers with our respective televisions on our seperate programs. We can see one another, there is a hall linking us, and we chat back and forth but there is a seperation there.

That makes us sound like we never talk- and that is not at all true. We run our errands together, we talk, we take the dog out for walks, but we also have our alone time while in the same house.

This weekend we did things a little differently. We shut off our computers and spent the whole afternoon and evening together both Friday and Saturday. We caught up on Wipeout (if laughter is the best medicine- I should be cured by now), we watched movies, we played with the dog. Just normal boring stuff. It was very pleasant. It was nice to just enjoy one another's company. It reminds me that we are blessed to be both friends and lifemates.

Will it change anything radically? Probably not. :-) We enjoy being able to keep up with our friends online, both of us have our hobbies that are different from one another. But we might just take more time away from the computers and for ourselves.

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