Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going to Get Motivated

My boss bought the whole office tickets to the Get MotivatedSeminar today. I have read the reviews, I know the pitfalls, but I am very excited to see Colin Powell speak. I admire him so very much. I also am looking forward to seeing Terry Bradshaw and Rick Pitino as well. They tell me Laura Bush will be wonderful, to be honest I haven't paid too much attention to her. For me she has been overshadowed by her other half. Zig Zigler is world renowned for his sales techniques and the people that are putting the seminar on- the Lowe's- eh, I can take or leave them. We get a 225 page "workbook" of all of the slides for the program so we can take notes, which will be nice, and also so that if we decide to go wander around during one of the speakers- we won't miss anything.

My hope is that somehow this gets through the message of ownership to the full time staff. My biggest challenge has been trying to break them out of the "this is MY job, that is YOUR job" mentality and teaching that we must cross train and work together in every area if we are going to be successful. Before I came, 7/8th of the full time staff was behind the doors of an office area, not out on the floor with the customers. It has taken over a year to get that changed and still there is resistance. I have hope that this will have a positive impact on them.

Either way I am looking forward to this seminar and am grateful for the opportunity to get out of the office and shake up the week and afterward share information and ideas with my colleagues and see what we each get as our take away message. I am hopeing we will all come away inspired!

I hope you have a wonderful day~I am looking forward to mine!

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