Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traveling and Meetings Again

I am heading out in the morning to a business meeting. We do these 3 times a year- two short "drive to" meetings and one week long meeting.  I have to drive an hour north and pick up a colleague and then head another hour and a half up to Indy.  We will be meeting all day, then have dinner, "entertainment" and bed before getting up bright and early Thursday, meeting most of the day and driving home.  I will be home for one night, then I am packing up the pups and heading another hour and a half west and visiting my folks for the weekend.  Sounds like a fun week, eh?

Well, actually for the most part it will be.  I really enjoy meeting with my colleagues.  No matter what the topic, no matter what the news, my colleagues are bright, fun people and we learn from one another.  We share ideas and support.  I also love spending time with my parents and this will be our last visit before Thanksgiving.

The un-fun part will be the actual travel.  2.5 hours in the car Wednesday, 2.5 hours in the car on Thursday, 1.5 hours in the car on Friday and 1.5 hours in the car on Sunday.  Those 8 hours mean one big OUCH with my hips and back.  Usually the time between my Friday drive and my Sunday drive let's things settle down enough that I don't pay too much but the 5 hours in the two days before will not be nice.  That said, I am planning ahead.

I am packing my meds tonight as soon as I take this evening's dose.  I am also packing spare Neurontin and Flexeril as a precaution.  I am (of course) taking my cane.  I am packing my Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub- no, not because it will be my neck and shoulder but because several years ago Tiger Balm made an Arthritis Rub and I believe (because of how it works) that they just renamed it since that came off the market and this went on in its place.  It's great stuff and I recommend it to anyone.  I am also packing thermacare.  Heat in any form will help a LOT.  I am also only half packing.  Normally I would pack enough to for the meeting and for the trip but knowing what I know about me and about how I overdo- I am packing for the meeting and then when I am home Thursday night I will re-pack for the weekend.  That will make the bag much lighter on both trips.  Needless to say- I have learned from my earlier mistakes and am applying those lessons to this whirlwind.  As I think about it- this is just one good step toward taking better care of myself.

Once I get home on Sunday and get back to work on Monday- it will be heavy into prep for our next Semester.  It feels like (at least mentally) that the time between semesters gets shorter and shorter.  I guess it is what it is and it will be what it will be!

Happy November my friends!  I hope you are all safe and warm and are ready for winter!    

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