Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I just wanted to share

Because I am pretty proud of this.  Our local (free) magazine has an arthritis supplement this month.  I was invited to participate.  Now- I will admit that I am not overly thrilled that I found it hard to look AT the camera, but I have to say- they did a terrific job on their video portion.  I think it sends a great message and it's nice to see some of my "RA friends" in there as well.  They did a terrific job too.  Much less camera shy than I.  Way to go Donna and Susie!

I am embedding the video here and will link you to the article in the magazine below; you can find it on page 36:

I hope this message- especially from my friends who were diagnosed with JRA- is helpful to anyone struggling with their diagnosis.

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Wren said...

What a lovely, positive video, Jules. And you're beautiful! The magazine article was also very well done. I think it's terrific that a local magazine did a whole spread AND a video to educate people about arthritis. Fabulous! Bravo!