Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Sleep...

Last night as I turned off my light, as I moved around trying to get comfortable with joints and muscles aching and surrounded by puppies on both sides, I could hear the sounds coming from downstairs of my husband and my son together.  Talking, laughing, just spending time together- and it was a beautiful sound.  It was as if all was right in my world and I could sleep peacefully.

Of course- that didn't stop the insomnia monster.  Less than 3 hours later I was up- at which point my Auggie jumped off the bed and followed me downstairs.  That was at 1:30 this morning.  Three hours ago.  I have been  catching up on my DVR since.  I have had a pot of half-caf coffee, prepped a second one for when Josh wakes up, and at some point today- I will so very nap.  Until then I sit here smiling, giving thanks for having all of my little family under one roof, if only for a few days.  And knowing that though Josh and I are going down to surprise my folks on Saturday (with the pups) by Wednesday when Jim joins us- the only thing missing will be my sisters and their families.  Sleep will get better- and maybe Wednesday night I will get the best night's sleep I have had in some time.  

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