Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

It is once again the American Thanksgiving. Our friends to the North celebrated last month so today is all ours. I have to say, I am a little sad today. I have been keeping a close watch on the Black Friday controversy (for more on that, see my post tomorrow) and I have seen far too many folks who are of the opinion that Thanksgiving is no more than "an eating holiday". Have we really gotten so far away from the meaning of the day? The mere thought saddens me. Even though Thanksgiving officially kicks off the " holiday season" as it were, I have always loved this day because there is no need for division of ideals on Thanksgiving. There are no religious overtones to Thanksgiving, it is just a day to come together and spend time with family, friends and even acquaintances and reflect on the very many blessings we have received. That for some it is nothing more than a day to eat just makes me a little blue, after all- even if they are away from family and have no friends and only see this as a day to eat; they could be thankful that they HAVE the food to fill their bellies.

I remember when we were young and Dad (and Mom?) would go and serve the meal in the dining hall to the young troops who were away from home for the holiday. I remember Mom making batch upon batch upon batch of cookies to share with those young men and women to give them a little bit of home. That's what military families did. We always knew how lucky we were to all be together and when Daddy was away on a remote assignment, we traveled back to Indiana to my Gran's for the holidays. when we were in Massachusetts, I carried in the tradition by inviting some of my staff who were unable to go home to their family to span the holiday with ours. Of course, it's different now that we are out here. This is my fifth Thanksgiving since we have moved out here and if I have one regret it is that my Gran was not alive to see us move here and spend the holidays with us.

This year I am extra thankful that we have Josh with us. He is at a crossroads in his life and it is good for him to be able to step back and get a little different perspective on his options. Of course, I miss him terribly anyway and holidays are hard without him so this visit will make it easier for me to get through Christmas without him, without becoming too "grinchy" .

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday and that you have many, many blessings to count today as you gather round the table.

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