Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

I have SO much going on that it's craziness and most of it I am keeping on the down-low.  Makes me feel like I could burst! I can't even mention it on my Facebook page because ALL of my family (Mom, Dad, Sisters, Hubby, Son) are on facebook.  Since I can't share it with certain members of my family- I will share here with you so I don't explode.

First- and most importantly- my baby is coming to visit tomorrow!  He flies in from Boston tomorrow afternoon and will be here until the 28th.  Now- you can't tell my parents- or mention it on Facebook if you are among my Facebook friends because it's going to be a HUGE surprise to them on Saturday when we drive down.  Just thinking about it makes me want to cry because I am so happy.  It's SO hard to have him there and us here so when I get to see him (the last time was in February) it makes me happy.

Second- I am crafting my way to Christmas.  I am making a couple of blankets for the younger kids and another crafted item (that I learned from @riotkat on twitter) for my Mama and my grandmother.  Some of these items are taking me a LONG time because of the hands not cooperating, but I WILL get it done.

Third-  I am also *trying* to teach myself to play Amazing Grace on the piano as a "gift" for my Dad.  Thank goodness for iPad apps!  I got a piano app and bought a book on playing the piano.  I know- that sounds like a weird gift but I have to tell you that my dad is a terrific musician- and it skipped a generation because the grandkids who have shown an interest are all very talented but we girls- not so much.  So it will mean something to him.

Fourth- I am working on a new book.  The theme of this one is blessings in disguise.  I have been thinking a lot about how many times we are faced with adversity and overcome it only to find out that what we thought was so bad at the time, ended up being good for us.  I am trying to decide if I want to do this one with contributors (ala the Chicken Soup series- one of my faves) or if I have enough to work through it myself.  So far, I am pounding away at it solo but I am leaning toward collecting stories to flesh it out a bit.  What do you think?

Well that's it for now.  As of 5pm today I am on VACATION!!!!  Oh wait- that's another part of the secret because the parents think my vacation begins on Friday (part of the keeping the son a secret because I spend my Thanksgiving vacation week with them) so I have to be careful about keeping that quiet too!  EEK!

Thanks for sharing my secrets- and in case I don't get anything posted from my iPad this coming week, I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving.  I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and I hope that you do as well.  

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Wren said...

Oh, wow, Jules! A VACATION! You're on it! YES!! Have an absolutely fabulous time with your son and the rest of the family.
Also, here's wishing you the best as you work on your book. It sounds like it's going to be very good, no matter how you decide to go about it.
Finally: I wanna iPad too! Gonna have to start saving up, aren't I?
Happy Thanksgiving, friend. ;o)