Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby it's HOT Outside!

Whew!  I live in one of those states that is in the midst of the heatwave of all heatwaves.  Author M.R. Sellars refers to it as #Heatpocolypse which seems somewhat appropriate.    Today when I got in my car as I was leaving work the thermometer registered 123 degrees.  I waited till the AC kicked on but it still said it was 116.  I cannot tell you how many people I heard today grumping around and grumbling about how "miserable" it was out there.  Well, you won't hear me say that!  First- I love the heat.  If I am "griping" about anything during this kind of weather it's that I can't be out relaxing and enjoying it as much as I would like.  Second- I am not a fan of cold weather.  Winter is when I am not as easily positive.  Heck- I don't even mind rain because if it's raining- it's not snowing.

Under my feet right now, there is one worn-out puppy.  The other one is hiding in her "cave".  We took them for their walk and because of the heat, my honey brought a bottle of water and a little bowl for them.  We were about 3/4 of the way around the walk and after stopping several times, they had finished the whole bottle.  Both of them got back inside and dropped on the linoleum to cool off and then enjoyed a "Frosty Paws"  puppy ice cream while I indulged in a small sea-salt caramel truffle on a sugar cone.  All of us really enjoyed it.  I was able to do that because of my minimalist dinner.

  A big perk of summer is that it's too hot for hot foods.  Really- who wants to cook when it's like this?  Actually, I don't mind cooking but definitely nothing too heavy.  Everyone I know, when it comes to summer, starts moving from winter staples like pot roast  or roast chicken to salads and sandwiches.  The bonus is the amazing summer produce.  Tonight's dinner?  Watermelon.  Yep, just fresh, cold watermelon.  It was such a beautiful, red, juicy piece of fruit and it was just what I needed for dinner.  My honey is not as easily appeased.  He made himself a couple of bologna (thank you Oscar Mayer for not letting me even type that without the 70's-80's jingle!) sandwiches on onion rolls and was quite content.  Tomorrow night I have a meeting at 5:30pm so my honey will probably just heat up some leftovers.  He has that option- or he can cook.  I am guessing it will be a fruit or popcorn kind of night for me because goodness knows that after being in a warehouse that is over 100 degrees all day, he is not going to feel like cooking.

 It looks like it will be this way most of the week and through the weekend but I plan on roasting a chicken this coming weekend anyway so that we can use it for salads and sandwiches (and for the puppies) next week.  Most likely Sunday since that's the only day I won't be working which means I won't have to leave the house.  My best tip for summer survival is to plan, plan, plan!  Plan for cool meals, plan for down time, plan to hydrate (hubby takes a small cooler with water and gatorade to work- I bring tea or coffee and stop at the convenience store for crushed ice to add to them) and most of all- plan to enjoy it.

There's just no use complaining about the weather be it summer heat or winter cold.  It won't change it, it won't make you feel any better and it sure as heck won't make you the person that people want to be around.      
Make the best of it because you are here to enjoy the day and the alternative pretty much sucks.


Dutch said...

My hubby has been taking bologna sandwiches to work. He is very easy when it comes to eating. It was not so bad here weather wise. The humidity was down so it made for a perfect day.

Jan said...

Sorry it is so hot. It's hot--as usual--here in south TX by the Gulf of Mexico where the humidity is almost as high as the temperature!

John Chappelear said...

I really appreciate your perspective.
Great thought!

John Chappelear