Friday, March 11, 2011


Good Morning!  Well I got all "lubed up" yesterday.  More cortisone injections.  I like to think of them as WD-40 for my joints.  The injection sites are throbbing this morning but since a minor flare is a "side effect" of the injections, I am cool with it.  Here's the thing- not only will it help with the flare I am currently recovering from but also it should make it easier for me to travel at the end of the month.  We have our Annual Meeting in Florida and last year it just kicked my butt.  The meeting is a mix of a standard trade show, learning sessions and networking.  We fly in to Orlando and from the time we land until the time we are wheels up again it is go, go, go.  Last year after spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on my feet, Thursday night I ended up buying flip flops because my feet would no longer fit in my shoes.  By the time I flew home I was wearing spa socks and yoga pants and moving like I was 93 instead of 42.  If the cortisone injections help stave off some of that- the injections were well worth it.  I have to say- the knees were FAR more painful than hips.  Probably because I have so much extra padding in the hips- but whatever.  I am planning ahead this year, taking my cane and thermacare and some tiger balm and loose clothes and sandals.  This trip will not defeat me this year! 

On a side note- the injections were all in my bursa (bursai? What is the plural of bursa?) and were related more to my RA than my fibro but the inflammation that they aim to subside by the injections definitely give fuel to the fibro fire. 

Today I am feeling grateful for my schedule and "comp" time.  Thankfully, I work enough hours during our rush period and during the week that I am able to take the majority of my Fridays off at least half the day.  That means that today, when I am tired and sore, I can go in and run my meeting and then come back home and sleep the pain away. 

Here's hoping you all have a pain free weekend- and don't forget to set your clocks forward on Saturday night! It's that time of year again that we Spring Forward! 

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Wren said...

It's "bursae." (grin)

I hope the steroid shots work just like you hope they will, Jules. Interesting that they injected the bursae for RA, though, isn't it? Do they always do that when injecting "joints" in RA? Hmmmm...

Thanks for the DST reminder. Grrr. I HATE changing my clocks forward and back every six months! I'm one of those Luddites who sincerely wish they'd just leave time alone...

Best wishes to you, Jules. Hugs, too.