Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's time for another Gratitude Round-up

Every once in a while I need to get down in writing the things that are making me feel grateful.  I use my commute most days to try and get myself focused on them but phone calls (Hands-free of course), my to-do list and other things get in my way.  When I am able to spend that time giving thanks, it keeps me centered and calm.  I don't even get my usual minor case of road rage if I am concentrating on the blessings in my life.  Today I am heading to see the Rheumy first thing so I will be working through what I need to make sure I get done there since this will be my last visit with her before she goes out on maternity leave.  So here we go with another list! 

  • Those morning phone calls:  My sister calls me a lot of mornings.  We are usually commuting at the same time, though my commute is a lot shorter than hers.  We don't talk about anything earth shattering, we just visit and if we miss one another it's okay- but it keeps us close when we are geographically so far apart.
  • Cortisone:  I had a cortisone injection in my right knee last Friday.  I had gone in for my usual quarterly appointment with the rheumatologist and I was mid-flare.  Everything from the waist down hurt.  She started with my right knee to see how I would tolerate it, and to see if the hip and ankle pain were just radiating from the knee.  Well- almost a week later that knee and ankle feel terrific (comparitively) so back I go today for the other knee and possibly the hips.  Either way I will be thankful for some relief. 
  • Good timing/Good people:  Hubby had car trouble this past weekend.  It ended up being an almost $500.00 repair bill.  I am thankful for two things- first that this is my pay week so we can have the repair done and his car back safely on the road and second that the garage allowed us to post date the check for the repair till Friday.  We had planned on just picking it up on payday but they said he could have it back so we were thrilled.  Especially since today is the day that I have to be in Louisville when he has to be at work and I don't get out of work till 7pm. We don't have a LOT of money but we have enough- and that's a good feeling. 
  • Being in a place that we can spoil ourselves.   We also, while we were commuting together this week,  noted that we are awfully "spoiled" these days to have two cars.  We haven't had separate cars in a lot of years.  Heck- for at least 10 years we didn't have a car at all.  We relied on cabs, public transportation and our feet to get us where we need to go.  Then we shared a car for several years and finally, after moving out here, we got a second car.  It has been a lifesaver for us and very freeing since we are in an area that there is very little public transportation options and you need a car to go almost everywhere.   
So that's where my head is this morning.  Now it's time to get ready to get ready for work.  I hope you all have a pain free day!

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