Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Free Weekend and Hello Spring!!

It's infusion day- more Orencia and then after that I am free until Monday.  Free, of course, is a relative term.  I don't have any plans per se but that means it's time to get caught up on some of the things I have let slide.  Hubby is picking up his television from the repair shop today.  He has been itching for a 42" HD flatscreen and we were offered one that was bound for a dumpster.  We agreed that if it was relatively inexpensive to fix- he would have it fixed- if not- no harm, no foul and it would go away as planned.  Well, the reviews that I read priced it as over $1000.00 new and the repair is less than $200 so I told him to go for it.  That means that when he gets it home this afternoon, we will spend several hours building a mount on our entertainment unit and then unhooking wires, moving TV's, rehooking all of his "stuff" (cable box, DVD, Wii, PS3 etc) hopefully before it gets too late tonight.  Then I can escape to the bedroom and watch "Inception" while he watches the March Madness Tourney. 

I have four goals for this weekend:

 1- I want to spot clean my carpet.  We have the Bissel "Little Green Machine" and I need to use it this weekend on a couple of spots and then vacuum the whole thing.  Two dogs mean a lot of hair and Auggie just went through a phase where he was shedding enough to create a third dog. 

2-I want to empty and go through my pantry.  It's pretty full and I am quite sure there is stuff in there that is expired so it's time to cull the stuff we are just not going to eat.  That's step one in my decluttering plan.  Even though it's behind closed doors- it's a step. I can do that tomorrow morning while I listen to the news and drink my coffee. 

3-  Laundry is piling up again (clean, not dirty) so I need to get in and fold clothes.  While I am folding and putting away clothes I need to go through my drawers and closet.  Step 2 is that it's time to be ruthless and get rid of things I don't wear and take them to Good Will.  I need to go there this weekend anyway because I am on the hunt for either "Metal" tees or lace gloves (I have an 80's party to go to in a couple of weeks) so I might as well take some stuff with me.

4- I am WAY behind on my magazines.  I am sure I mentioned it before but what I do is take my magazines, go through them and pull out the articles I want to read, recipes I want to keep and pictures and phrases for my vision boards and get rid of the rest.  Those articles I keep in folders and before I had my Nook I took them to my doctor's appointments and any place I might have to wait and read them there.  It's perfect for when you don't know if you will have a few minutes or a longer length of time.  I read my Entertainment Weekly every week and I keep my Real Simple magazines in tact but I also have subscriptions to O Magazine and Bon Appetite and I need to go through them as well as the ones my mom has passed on.  Depending on the magazines I am sorting through I can fill a folder by getting through 10-12 magazines.  Right now I have two baskets full so I need to get caught up on that and then start doing this while I watch TV on the day that they come in the door.  That is step 3 of the decluttering plan. 

If I can get all of these things done it will have been an incredibly productive weekend.  Best of all I should have time to nap in there a time or two and the laundry and mags can be done while I am sitting down with ice and a heating pad, taking the pressure off of my back, which has been giving me fits.  Interestingly enough- having had the cortisone injections in my hips and knees has relieved a lot of that pain but it has pinpointed my lower back as the source of a lot more.  We  had thought that maybe the back hurt because the pain was radiating from my hips- we were wrong.  I figure that if I can get caught up on this stuff this weekend and still be able to work on lessening the pain- it will be a win.  

I should note that it is supposed to rain a lot this weekend so we are sort of "stuck inside."  Though we would much rather be taking the pups out to the Riverwalk - that area is still flooded and they won't go out in the rain anyway so we will be celebrating the change of seasons by getting the house ready for summer. 

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