Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow of the Season

I do not, as a rule, like snow at all.  That said there is something intrinsically beautiful about the first snow of the season- especially when it happens over a weekend.  Late Friday night it started to snow in our area, light squalls- just enough to cover the ground and make Harley and Auggie curious.  The weather was all over the place- I had quite a bit of work to do so I ran into work just when it started to sleet.  By the time I left work a few hours later- it was misting rain- just enough to clear away all the white stuff that was on the ground and clear the roads.

I still have a bit of shopping to do so I dragged the hubby out to get working on some of it (one more stop today and I will be very close to done) and by the time we got out of there, there were big fat flakes flying everywhere.  It really was beautiful, like living inside a snow globe that was just shaken.  People in my area aren't very confident on the road in the snow so fortunately we were close to home and had nothing else that was pressing so we were able to go home and snuggle in for the night.

Today- the ground is covered with big, fluffy snow.  Only about an inch but enough to look pretty. It's covering the trees and shrubs, the rooftops and everything in between. The dogs have been out playing in the new white stuff on the ground.  Auggie is so funny, he picks it up in his mouth and throws it up in the air and runs at it like he does his ball. He nuzzles it at Harley as if he were throwing it at her and she just watches him patiently as if she's saying "Idiot kid".  They go out and play for a bit and then realize they are cold and run back to warm up on the couch.  It's as if I have a couple of small children, minus the layers of clothes to put on and take off each time they go in and out.

By tomorrow it will be slushy and muddy and the snow will be back to the snow that I am not so fond of- but today, today I can just enjoy the beauty of it.  Between that and the holiday movies on Hallmark Channel- it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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