Monday, December 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Though I wouldn't say I "wished" for snow- boy is it here.  It's cold- bitterly cold.  The temperature is 21 but when you add in the wind chill we are looking at low single digits.  We have been in a "Winter Weather Advisory" until 1pm and I am up watching the news to see the snow cancellations (160 and counting) since Auggie was whining to get up on my bed at 3am.  Of course- we are not closed- on the very slim chance we will close it won't happen until around 6am.  It's funny.  It seems as if each of the colleges waits to see what the other schools will do before they make up their minds.  I have very little chance of having a "snow day" because finals are over and so it's only the staff and administration who would be going in to the school this morning but I enjoy seeing the list grow longer and longer because that means that there will be that many less people on the roads when I go in a few hours from now.  It's not the amount of snow that is the issue for us, rather it is the up to 35mph winds that will is blowing the snow and reducing visibility and the black ice thanks to the rain before temps dropped.  I don't relish having to clean off my car to go to work though.  I haven't yet stocked up on my "hot hands" so it will be very unfriendly to my hands.  I think I will pack two thermoses so that I can warm us sufficiently when I get there.

The next few weeks will be crazy.  In my work cycle we essentially have about three weeks to do all of the work that we do over the summer.  That means that weekends are no longer my own and that I will be running on fumes by mid January when the craziness is all over.  To that end I have stocked up on good fruits and veggies and last night made my first of many batches of Irish Oatmeal.  The house smells wonderful because when I begin the process I add cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of brown sugar to the water and as it boils the house smells like snickerdoodles.  In an hour or so, when I start getting ready for work, I will portion out the oatmeal and then some fresh blueberries to add after I reheat it at work.  Just thinking about it and smelling it makes my mouth water.  I am pretty darned grateful that I learned of the steel cut oats because it just sticks to your ribs so much better than regular rolled oats.

I really, really need to get back to blogging more regularly.  I didn't realize until this time period how much it helps me focus and keeps me on the path to gratitude and positivity.  I think I will go back to carrying my little notepad in my purse so that I can jot down things that I want to acknowledge as they happen or as I see them.  That too helps me step back and look at things from a positive angle.

I think that my next wish- being careful with this one- will be to get through this next month intact and to get back on track in all areas.

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Wonky Warrior said...

Definately do more blogging, it is great to encourage one another across the atlantic ocean! We have had snow here this yr and we hardly ever get any. I have been reading my message bible today (super spiritual eh?!) and have got onto Hebrews 13 vs 16. It is SUCH an encouraging one if you can get to it. Just keep going, keep your chin up and every blessing to you xx