Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's just after 4am as I begin to write this.  I have been up since 2:45 when a deer decided that the tree line between our buildings and the houses behind us would be a terrific place for a walk.  We still have ice everywhere from the storm last Wednesday/Thursday and as it ambled through it was cracking through the ice with each step which sent our little Harley girl into fits.  I swear she heard it a block away.  I am not surprised as each time WE step out on the ice to take the dogs for their walk the German Shepherd down the block hears the four of us and goes into a frenzy.  Add to the fact that there is NO ONE out in the middle of the night- no traffic, no people- and you get major reverberation of sound.  Of course- she couldn't go it alone.  She had to get Auggie all wired up to go with her.  It took about a half an hour for them to settle down and really get that they had "scared" the deer away and now they are back snoring while I sit here, coffee in one hand, remote in the other, flipping channels till the world comes awake and I can go into work for a few hours.

Sounds like an aberration, right?  Not so much.  It took me half of forever to get to sleep.  I just couldn't get comfortable.  Then Miss Dog decided she needed to be up on the bed- which I can *almost* do in my sleep but is just enough of an interruption to make me realize that sleep has stopped.  Neither of those things- or the fact that I am up pre-3am- are unusual any more.  It is more unusual when I actually sleep for 6 consecutive hours.

I am trying- really trying to find something to be grateful for in the insomnia.  Something positive.  I guess I can  be happy that my DVR is empty-lol.  I can be grateful that my laundry is sort of caught up (still gotta fold it).  I can be grateful that I haven't had the urge to dive head first into my chocolate stash.  I can be grateful that now that hubbs is up- I can get working on dinner.  I only wish I could-when I wake up and can't get back to sleep- be either pain free or coherent enough to get some writing done. Together they are a double whammy of royal pain in the butt.   Oh well- it usually only goes on for a couple of months and then I sleep again.  Let's just hope it gets me through the next rush before I turn into a sleeping vegetable.  :-)

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