Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forty-two Ways in Forty-two Days- Abundance

I went to church today with Mom, my sister and her kiddos. I should probably tell you that though I have deep spiritual beliefs- they don't follow any specific path so I am not a regular church-goer. I should also mention that after retiring from the military- my father studied and became a UCC pastor. But I digress....

Dad's sermon today was about Abundance and how with God- we would always have plenty He specifically referenced John 6:1-15 and discussed the miracle of the loaves and the fishes and he talked about the abundance of food for the body as opposed to food for the soul. That got me thinking about my own adult life.

There have most certainly been some very lean times for us. We have had to, at times, pay one bill over another and stretch our budgets to the limits. We have had to prioritize and put things on the back burner many, many times. Looking at the numbers on a spreadsheet- many would consider us the "poor" part of the family. I confess that I have felt that way a time or twelve. In retrospect- we have always had plenty. We have always made do or made it work. We have had food on the table, and warm clothes. We have kept a roof over our head even if barely. Somehow- it always worked out. We have always had people in our corner- family, friends and one another that enveloped us in love. Never once have they made us feel like less- if we did it was our own doing.

What this means that- in a way- my father's sermon rang very true today. We have always had plenty. Maybe not a LOT- but definately enough. I am thankful for that- and that today's sermon served as a reminder that you don't have to be rich to have an abundance.

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