Friday, July 10, 2009

Forty-two Ways in Forty Two Days- My sisters.

Growing up I was the oldest of three girls. My poor father had four women in the house and he was decidedly outnumbered. Being the oldest by a whopping three years I, of course, thought I knew it all. I was the trailblazer. I did most everything first. I was also the one my parents "learned" on. The way they handled me was not necessarily the way they handled my sisters. There was naturally some rivalry, and we didn't always get along. The thing about threes is that when you are fighting it is usually two against one. The funny thing is, in fifteen years, those two against one combinations change depending on the issue, the day, the argument and the way the wind blows. On the plus side- we moved around a LOT when we were kids being military brats. Having two sisters meant always having someone to talk to, always had someone to play with and had someone who knew what you were dealing with and was right there with you.

As adults, if you lined us up side by side, we are so very different. Our lifestyles are different, our temperaments are different and our interests are vastly different. Down deep we have the same values and the same priorities. Would we be friends if we just met on the street? I just don't know- but I do know we love one another dearly.

Heather and Lisa are both such wonderful people. They have big hearts and are both beautiful inside and out. They are raising wonderful kids, they contribute to their communities and they put their families first. Everyone should have people in their life that they truely love and admire the way I do them.

The hard part is that we live so very far apart. One on the west coast, one on the east and now me in the middle. The good thing is that since we moved out here we get more time together. The last two summers both of the girls have made it out and last summer and this summer they have been able to bring the kids. It is hard being so far apart and only seeing the kids grow up in pictures. Thankfully we all have Facebook, unlimited texting and other electronic ways to communicate. It was not as easy when Josh was growing up but I get to have instant photos of the kids. My hope is that we can get better about emailing on a regular basis and maybe get a round robin email going so we can all share our information without having to go through Mom and Dad to hear more about each other.

I am just thankful that I have them. I have some wonderful friends- but they could never replace my sisters.

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