Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mama Kat's Writing Prompts

I recently discovered a blog called "Mama's Losing It".   It can be found here:  Mama’s

In addition to a pretty irreverant blog, Mama Kat posts a weekly list of Writing Prompts which (as a part of her writer's workshop) are designed to make us think and get our creative juices flowing.  Today (though it's the middle of the night, I am still considering this Wednesday) I am feeling very grateful for Mama Kat's blog and her prompts because I am feeling very stuck working on book #2 and I am hoping that working through this exercise at least for a few weeks will shake things loose in this brain of mine. 

In the same vein, I picked up a "Writer's Toolbox" at B&N a couple of visits ago and it's time to get working with that as well. 
This week I will be writing on the topic "Something students these days should know" from the "Mama's Losing It" blog.  I am going to try to work this topic into the general basis behind my blog and focus on positive lessons but since I think there might be a little snark hiding in there so I am not sure that I will keep posting these exercises here or on a different blog. 

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