Thursday, April 14, 2011

A double challenge

     Yesterday at Weight Watchers our fabulous leader, Valerie, was a little dismayed with us.  The topic of the day was "It's all about ME!"  She started by asking us a simple question- "How many of you have done something or taken time just for yourself this week?"  Her dismay came when only two hands went up in a room of 20 or so women.  One had gotten together with a girlfriend to go for a walk.  The other had taken a nice long bubble bath with a book while her family was out.  Those were good ideas- and they received "bravos" for it, but it wasn't near enough of us. 

     I really wracked my brain to see if I had done anything that is just for "me".  I have napped- but that was because I am still recovering from my trip and am dealing with chronic fatigue.  I spent the weekend with my family and had a lovely visit with my sister and her family- but if they hadn't flown in I would have spent the weekend doing housework and would have worked Monday and Tuesday- and being able to spend time with them was not purely in my control.  They flew in, I didn't go to them.   

     After listening to all of our excuses (no time, no money, too many other obligations etc) Valerie gave us two challenges to complete before next Wednesday's meeting.

 1- to do something that is strictly for us and strictly brings us pleasure.

 2- To make a list of 10 things that we can do for ourselves any time we have a little bit of time and stick it on our fridge so that we see it all of the time. 

     I think the hard part for me will be taking "me" time without guilt.  It's funny because I always thought that as an "empty nester" I would be able to come and go as I please.  Now I schedule my life around my puppies schedule (gotta be home at 7:30 to walk them, don't want to be gone all day and all evening and leave them alone) and the other half and I spend most of our waking time together.  We go and run errands together, we walk the dogs together, we rarely do ANYTHING apart.  The only time we are apart is when we are working and when I travel to my parents and he cannot go because of work.  I feel bad when I leave him at home to go do something that is "fun" for me.  That's something that I need to get past so I can step up to this challenge. 

    So can I step up and do something just for me?  I think I can.  I know I am going to try.  I have 7 days.  The first thing I am going to work on is my list of things I can do for myself, things that don't cost a lot in terms of time or money but that bring pleasure and peace to my soul. 

    What about you?  Do you have things that you do that are just for you?  Things that have nothing to do with your spouse, your kids (two or four legged), grandkids, your chronic illness or your job?  Things that are all about "you time"?    


Amy D said...

I take one day a week for ME. The kids are at school, Chad is at work. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and the library. I picked and started reading a couple of books. I ended it with a lunch with my husband. It was great. :-)

Love you and miss you!

Poonam said...

I go for a massage once in a month. Also I meet my best friend at Starbucks on some Saturday mornings for breakfast. My husband and kids get to spend time with each other at that time.It seems refreshing!