Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And they called it.....Puppy Love

I had a rough day yesterday. It was just never ending and I was literally on my feet 9.5 hours out of my 10.5 hour work day. I knew I would be busy, I didn't expect to be pulled in fourteen directions at once and though when factoring in my anticipated busy-ness I figured I would be there an extra hour to hour and a half. I got home over 2.5 hours later than I should have.

When I finally got home, hubby had given up on me for dinner and ordered pizza (all meat and traditional crust for him and thin crust with all veggies for me) and the pups did their usual greeting. I flopped my "stuff" down and headed for the kitchen to get my coffee ready for the morning. Hubby called me back and told me he was going to put on one of the shows that we both enjoy so just sit and try to relax. Next thing I knew- Auggie was in my lap. He nuzzled up into my neck and then under my hand as if to say "You may pet me now". About that time, Miss Harley sidled over. Now- being an older gal, she will not hop up on my lap, especially if Auggie is already there, but she will make her presence known and expect you to reach to her and give her some love. So there I was, one fluff ball on my lap, another to my side and nothing to do but to give them the loving that they craved.

It only took me about 5 minutes before my muscles started to unknot and my day started to wash away. I wasn't even paying attention to the show, just to the pups. When I was finally relaxed, it was as if they knew their job was done. Harley wandered away to "her" loveseat and Auggie gave me a quick "kiss" and hopped off to go play with his toys.

I don't know how animals can sense when they are "needed" the most, but they do. Every dog and every cat I have ever had have had that ability. They listen to your woes, they listen to your secrets, they soak up your tears and they comfort you when needed. It always amazes me how that works and makes me so very grateful for those little fur-babies that we have brought into our family. It also makes me wonder if I have the ability to train them to be certified therapy dogs. I have a feeling that Harley is just a little too standoffish and stubborn but Auggie loves to be loved and is smart as a whip so he might be able to do it. I think I will- once my life settles down- look into classes for him and for her. You never know- she might just surprise me.

In the meantime- I would recommend that everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) adopt a pup (or a cat if you are so inclined) from your local shelter. We have been so very fortunate with our little guys and gals. Harley was an older girl- about 4 or 4 1/2 when we adopted her from The Animal Care Society in Louisville.  Auggie was probably about a year old when we got him from the same place.  You can very rarely go wrong when you adopt a mixed breed who has been rescued by one of the terrific organizations in your area.  A great thing is, there is no pressure.  They want it to work as much as you do so they encourage you to take your time and interact with your potential new family member before you take them home.  Give it a shot- go visit and see what they have available.  If you are not at a place where you want or can adopt a pet, you can support them in other ways.  Our shelters always need food, litter (for the cats), newspapers, floor cleaner (like Pine-sol but not pine scented) and a host of other supplies that are usually listed on their website.  They usually have fundraisers and other such ways in which you can help out their cause as well. 
It's a terrific way to help out your community and to bring even more love into your home. 

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Jim said...

Hi Jules,
I got my dog registered with TDI a year ago and have started taking him out to nursing homes/hospitals. He's a greyhound (retired/adopted) and is a great height for people who can't bend down well. Its very rewarding to brighten up somebody's day by sharing your pet. The certification test isn't very difficult - I worked with my dog at home for a few weeks on each part of the test and he passed without having to take a special training course.

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