Monday, June 28, 2010

It's time to catch up

I had a wonderful meeting last week- but that wonderful meeting was focused on big changes coming down the pike.  Our VP addressed management and leadership styles and the biggest message that I got from her was "If you are resistant to change- you will struggle" plain and simple.  Big changes are definitely coming down the pike in the world of college bookstores, I am only thankful that my company gives us the tools that we need to prepare for those changes.

The bad part about leaving for days is that we get behind.  I walked in to 6 pallets of books in my back room- and a short staff on Friday.  That meant that though they weren't expecting me to be there because we do long hours at the meetings and driving over 5 hours home just plain hurts- I had to stay for four hours and then I went back on Saturday for four hours as well.  It's going to be a long couple of weeks and if I don't catch up by the 16th- I will be cancelling my vacation so we can be ready for Fall.  Here's the hard part- one of our charges was to find more "white space" in our calendars.  Looking at that back room- it's going to be tough for the next few weeks and if MY back room looks like that- I cannot imagine what my fellow managers from smaller stores came home to.

It's time to put my nose to the grindstone- and if that means that I work longer hours to get it done, so be it.  The shining light at the end of my tunnel is that I get to spend this weekend with my baby sister- and that is something to keep gratitude in my heart during the hardest of times this week. 

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