Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleepus Interruptus

It is funny how, now that I have the time to get some sleep, I still don't often get a full night. Tonight, I dropped off late- most assuredly because I rested from 4-6. I didn't nap but I laid in my bed and read until I was recharged. We are having some big storms in the area and Miss Dog was tweeking out courtesy of the wind rattling the windows in the living room and I think she thought someone was trying to get in as she kept barking at the windows. I tried to ignore it- as did my honey- but it just wasn't happening. Jim went down and got the dog and brought her up to the bed where she promptly curled her little body up to me. She wasn't too please when I started moving around. I was very sore and needed to get the kinks out and Jim wasn't going back to sleep either. When he finally gave up and flipped on the light- he got a good laugh because I looked like I was doing yoga as I knealt on the bed with my head down trying desperately to stretch my back. I cannot tell you how many times I end up doing this in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

Now, if it were just my back- I would have replaced my mattress by now but it is not, it was most assuredly an RA/Fibro moment. Shoulders, hips, knees, whatever. If there is a joint with a muscle connected- it has given me trouble at some point. I have even fallen asleep with a hand or leg straight up in the air as I try to find a comfortable position- only to wake back up as the limb hits the mattress. Sadly- it usually amuses me knowing what it would have looked like could anyone see me.

The good thing- the thing I am grateful for today- is that since I am on my vacation I can sleep later today after my poor husband goes to work. He stayed up with us until about four and then went back up to try and catch a few more winks before he has to get up at 5:20. I hope he was able to do so and if not, well- I am not adverse to him napping when he gets home. It is his night to make dinner, but I can take that on this evening so he can rest.

As I type this, I am struck again at how blessed I am that we can still work together so well after 25 years of togetherness. There are folks that I know who would be....pissy for lack of a better word, if their "partner" came home and didn't feel up to doing their share, but fortunately neither of us have that happen too often. Goodness knows he steps in when I need down time because of pain or fatigue- it's the least I can do to step in when he needs it. I think I may start dinner early so that if I am tired as well when he comes home we can nap together and eat whenever. Thank goodness for crockpots! :-D

Time to go look and see what we have in the freezer that I can turn into something delectable and crockpot ready for dinner. Another thank goodness for the fact that the storms will be moving out during the day today and when we wake up tomorrow- we will not only be picking my friend up from the airport- but we will be doing so with a gorgeous Saturday.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes! I, too, am blessed with a husband who pitches in whenever I need help - and I pitch in when he needs help. I have fibro & RA, he has fibro and severe cardiac problems - not the kind that surgery is going to help at this time, so we just cope. We both work from home, so that helps a lot. Bless you, both, honey. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, and we have a great support system for ours, huh? :-)