Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am sitting here now, watch an episode of Oprah that I taped last week.  The episode is on Hoarding.  Now- we are not hoarders- at least not even remotely like these people- but we definitely are clutterbugs and have stuff that we have moved twice now that we will never need.  The timing is ironic because just the other day my honey mentioned that we really needed to tackle some of those boxes and start purging. 

He is right- the next question is- do we sell, freecycle or donate the stuff.  I feel that if we sell it- then I could afford to have a cleaning service come do our carpets (or at minimum rent a steamer ourselves) which would help me a lot.  On the other hand, donating or freecycling would get it out fast before I can change my mind- which I do a LOT when it comes to getting rid of stuff. 

I think I need to- before we tackle that project- re-read my books on simplifying our lives.  I think that if I can do this- IF I can let go of a lot of the "stuff" that is in my walk in closet, then I can let go of other things.  If I can let go of the lot of it- I can take a weight off of my shoulders as I move toward a more simple life.  I think that if I can make an additional move toward simplifying- the rest of my stress will fall to the wayside.  It would be a good thing.

I think this is a message.  The timing, the fact that Jim brought it up now, and that I have the time and resources available to do it is a message from the gods that the time is right to take another big (for me) step and let go of more of the things that I have been holding on to and to move forward.  The next step is to face the closet of doom and actually purge.  Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you as you simplify your life by getting rid of the old stuff. That's a great idea -- I've a whole house full of things I no longer need and forget all about until I open closet doors and duck. Time to get started!