Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Maybe it is something about stepping outside yourself and being someone completely different for a day- but I love it.  Dressing up from top to toe and mingling with other like minded souls- so very much fun. 

For many, many of my Massachusetts years I would get up early, put on my costume du jour, paint my face, apply the accessories and then catch two trains to get to Salem bright and early.  I would spend my day wandering in and out of shops, have lunch at Beerworks (and accompany it with my favorite Blueberry Ale with hard cider soaked whole blueberries floating on top-yum!) and see the historical sights.  I can't tell you how many times I have been through the museums.  Even as I think of it I smile.  In that environment, in costume, everyone talked to everyone, strangers ask to take photos on the street with you, the air is filled with a festive spirit.  If I was with friends or family we would tour all of the haunted houses and exhibits.  We would traverse the city from the Wharf to Essex Street and back.  If I were flying solo- I would take in different ghost tours and always participate in the Witches Commemorative Candlelight Samhain Walk that begins at Nu Aeon with the Temple of Nine Wells and flows through the streets to Gallows Hill.  This walk commemerates the Salem Witch Trials and those killed during that time. * Interestingly enough, since I have been gone they have changed it around almost exactly backward-lol. *  After that, it was time to join into the festivities downtown before taking the last train back to Boston and then home. 

Last Halloween was bittersweet.  I traveled back to Massachusetts for the weekend because I had been on Long Island for a business meeting.  I was able to spend time with my son, I was able to visit my brand new (one day old) nephew Cameron, and I was able to spend time with my mother-in-law for the last time.  Because of the purpose of the trip, I intentionally did not go to Salem but rather spent time in and around the area that we had lived for so many years.  Looking at it with fresh eyes and seeing all of the changes that had happened in 18 months since we had left only cemented my feeling of being "home" in Indiana.  When I left there it was with a feeling of peace for having made the decision to leave that life behind. 

This Halloween will be new for me.  For the first Halloween EVER I am staying home and passing out candy.  I know that it is something that millions of people do every year- but it's a first for me!  Even the first year we were out here we left a pumpkin filled with candy on a table outside and went out for the evening.  So tonight I am going to bundle up (it's going to be in the 50's) put a canvas chair outside and sit out there and wait for the Trick Or Treaters.  I would stay inside but all the knocking on the door will make Miss Dog go absolutely NUTS.  That means that from 6-9pm I will be outside with a book, a big bowl of Twizzlers and Snickers and just enjoy the next generation of Halloween lovers. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween.  And don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!  I am feeling very grateful that we get that extra hour of sleep because it has been a long, long, long week. 
I'll be back to haunt you in November. 

Halloween in Salem about 5 years ago....


rheumablog said...

Have a great time tonight! I've got a bag of mini-Snickers bars and a pumpkin to put them in for the little goblins and fairies, et al, but seems like no one around here trick-or-treats. The only time we've had t-or-t'ers stop by was the year we didn't get candy, wouldn't you know.

Here's hoping that some will come by this year. Halloween was always my favorite holiday, too. ;O)


arthritiskitchen said...

Happy Halloween Jules.
Enjoy handing out treats.
That's what we will be doing at my house too.