Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time To Kick Out Of This Rut

     Between work and flares and still dwelling on this whole state of the way people treat one another (see the previous post if needed) I have been in a bit of a funk.  Thursday and Friday I will be traveling for work so I need to pull myself out of it before I am thrust into a room with 50 or so other people for two days.  I don't want to be that cranky wench in the corner of the room.  I like these folks and I want to enjoy as much of those two days as I can.  So- I need to focus on good things.  Put the rest out of my mind for a bit.

How about a list of things that make me smile?  Maybe we have some things in common!  Here we go, in no particular order:

1- My puppies.  They really do light up my whole world.

2- My other half.  We have been together so long I cannot imagine being without him. He makes me smile- most of the time ;-)

3- My 'man-child"-  He really is a good guy.  I am very fortunate that he turned out so well.

4- My family.  I have terrific sisters and parents.  Again- I know how fortunate that I am to have them.
Now that we have hit the "Usual Suspects" we can get to the more general things:
5-  Curling up with a good book.  I love to lose myself in a story.  I admire anyone who can write so well that, if only for a moment to two, they pull me into another world.

6-  Pajamas.  Really, could there be any better way to get comfy?  Especially when you are not feeling yourself.

7-  A long walk on a cool day.  Not cold- but between 55 and 75 is pretty perfect.  That usually means Spring- when everything starts new again or Fall- when the leaves are changing and falling and the earth is getting ready to go to sleep for a few months.

8-  Looking for four leafed clovers.  Have you ever spent time searching for that elusive shamrock?  It can be pretty soothing.  We have a LOT of clover around here.  Sometimes I just sit down next to a patch and run my hands over each little plant.  It's not easy to find one- I have only found one in the last four years- but it does relax me to just sit there and concentrate on the plants.

9-  Having a fabulous meal.  I love trying new foods.  It can be something that my husband or I cook at home or something created by a professional chef in a restaurant but when you can sit down and enjoy something that wakes up your senses or just melts in your mouth- it can be such a terrific sensation.  I don't know about you, but it gets my serotonin and oxytocin going and I feel terrific!

10- In the same vein- CHOCOLATE. Need I say more?  Belgian Ice Chocolate, Godiva Milk Chocolate, Lindt truffles, even Hershey's drops.  Milk chocolate is just it for me.  

11- Cooking.  I really enjoy cooking.  It's a creative outlet.  I am a little stifled because Hubby is not overly adventurous but when I am alone or with my son (who is always willing to experiment) I can go to town.

12-  Traveling.  I am so lucky that Hubby and I are really good together on road trips.  I know people who can't drive across town together without fighting.  We are pretty much the opposite of that.  We get in the car and head out and everything melts away.  Even if it's just exploring our area, we really enjoy traveling together.

13- Searching for inspiration.  I have favorite websites, books, magazines and such that I rely on to inspire me.  It could be to do crafts, to examine my spirituality, to find recipes, to find DIY projects, to find a quote that starts my day in a positive way- anything that makes me think or want to try something new.  The hunt is as much fun as the treasure is satisfying.

That's thirteen- it's a good start and I am smiling.  Now I am off to hit one of the aforementioned websites to find my quote of the day.  Have a terrific Tuesday!

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