Friday, October 12, 2012

The End of Vacation-or-One Bucket List Item Down- Many To Go!

Sadly, today is Friday and my vacation is coming to a close.  We managed to relax and yet get everything that we wanted done and more this week.  Of course we relaxed and visited a lot- that is a given during Karyn's annual week-long visit.

Last Saturday night we went to Culbertson's Haunted House- which was a good beginning to our trifecta of haunted houses this season. The walk-through and theme for this year gave me good ideas for my own costume since I was already of a mind to change it up this year.  Tuesday was the big zip-line day.  Mom and Dad joined us for the trip to the Mega Cavern and we had a wonderful lunch at Little Cheezers in Louisville after- but more on the Zip Line later.

Wednesday, we literally recovered from the adventure all day.  Neither Jim nor Karyn or I got out of our pajamas all day long.  We relaxed, we napped, we watched TV and movies and let our aching muscles settle back down.  I knew I would be sore.  I fully expected it.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not worse.  If I learned nothing else, I learned that I seriously need to work on my triceps!  My shoulders (and triceps) ached from holding on to the bars and my back/hips were achy from where the  equipment sat both while we walked and zipped but I would say the pain factor was only a step or two up from "normal".

 Yesterday we spent the early afternoon shopping.  Karyn for clothes (she mis-packed a couple of things) and me for Halloween Costume gear.  Next we went downtown and walked around our town's Harvest Homecoming before it got too busy and as the crowds began to grow we left and went to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner.  Later in the evening we went to The Baxter Avenue Morgue, which was FANTASTIC!  We got there early enough that it too was not overly crowded and we were able to interact with the cast and volunteers before, during and after the walk through.  Before we went in we were chatting with security and mentioned how far Karyn had come for this haunted house trip.  He shared with the cast inside who really personalized our experience.  After, some of the cast and crew came out and talked to us for quite some time about working there, their experiences both in the haunted house and with the paranormal (see FACT OR FAKED PARANORMAL FILES on SYFY for an investigation of Baxter Ave) and they invited us back for a Saturday night (when they are really amped up) and to the Halloween Parade tonight.

Today I am going to leave early to go and exercise my right to VOTE.  I love that we can do this early and once I am done I am fully intending to hide each and every political story on my Facebook wall from now until November.  I am going to stop across the street at the library while I am downtown as well and then back home to relax for a bit.  Tonight's plan was to go to Waverly Hills to the Scare-a-torium but they have been posting on their Facebook page that crowds have been so deep that people are lining up at 5pm to get in the gates- and the gates don't open until 7:30.  As we have done this particular haunted house before and I am not up to sitting in a car for hours and then standing in line for hours- we are opting out and instead considering going to the parade first and then heading to the haunted hayride at the Field of Screams in Brandenburg, KY.  That's it for tonight as we put Karyn on the plane back to MA tomorrow.  :-/

Now- back to the Bucket List item of Zip-lining.    I am super excited about this for several reasons:

  1. I was very worried about how I would physically manage the bridges, walking/climbing on the uneven ground inside the Mega Cavern and actual "Zips" between my Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and general "out-of-shapeness".  
  2. I really, REALLY, do not like suspension bridges.  Besides mild vertigo, the fact that they move (or more specifically BOUNCE and SWAY) as you walk makes me feel more than a bit nauseated.  
  3. Partially because of the aforementioned vertigo and partially because of a lack of control when you fall, I didn't know how I would find the confidence to literally step off into nothingness- especially in the dark of the cavern.  

I DID IT!!!!  I not only managed to complete the 5 Zip-line course, but made it across the "Challenge Bridges" with very little problem.  That said, our guides were terrific.  They took the time to explain everything we were doing from beginning to end and answered all of our questions throughout.  They checked and re-checked our safety equipment.  Most importantly, they tailored their approach individually to each member of the group based on our experience and fear level.  They ribbed us when necessary and cheered us on when that was needed as well.   When we finished, I felt exhilarated!   Feeding off the boost that this "Mission Accomplished" gave me; I think it's time to start tackling other items on my list.  It also gave me more ideas to add to that big old list.  The question is, where to start???

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