Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to Reality

 Well, this vacation is over and I am a little sad.  My best friend is back in MA.  It was so nice to just sit and visit with someone who not only gets me, but is stepped out far enough to be able to be objective.  She understands me well enough to give me a big butt-kicking when I need it.  Even though we spent a LOT of time relaxing- I could still use a vacation from my vacation- isn't that typical?  

       Now it's back to work.  I need to get back and get some things done.  I already went through my email this morning and made myself a To-Do list for when I go in.  One thing that I am going to do that is not on my list though- is to decide when I am taking the rest of my time.  I always block off Thanksgiving week- but we only have to use 3 days for that as we are closed both Thursday and Friday and they count as holiday days.  Between that and the couple of days I am taking around Christmas, I still have a week left to take and I need to find the time and use it since it's Use or Lose.  Even though we did quite a few things,  I really enjoyed just being home.  More and more I find myself able to be home with nothing on my agenda more than to spend some time reading and napping.  In years past I would never have been able to just do nothing for more than a day.  I guess that I am finally able to step away from all of my responsibilities and from feeling like I always need to do something (ANYTHING!)and find peace in doing nothing.  So- I have added "Schedule vacation time" to my mental list for today.  It will be a reward for getting everything else on my list crossed off.

     When I get home tonight I need to sit down with my planner and start planning out some posts to get back into regular writing.  I also need to set some clear goals for the next three months and look at my budget because- as much as I hate this- it's already time to start planning for Christmas.  Josh is fairly easy this year.  He asked for a new coffee maker.  I know what I am getting for Jim as well.  He is pretty difficult but this year I have the idea.  I can't write it down because he is infamous for always guessing or finding out what he's getting and with my luck, this would be the one post he would read.  :-)  The older nieces and nephews are going to be easy this year too.  They are getting cash- but not just a check or bills in a card.  I am going to buy small bills and slip them inside balloons.  Then blow the balloons up and fill a box with them.  So they will each get a box of blown up balloons stuffed with cash.  I may stick a few notes in there inside balloons in as well.  They are terrific kids and I wish I could be nearer to them.  That leaves my parents, my younger nieces and nephews and friends.

     I also want to hand write some notes to friends this week.  Just before Karyn flew in last week, I lost a  friend.  He had a heart attack and went very quickly.  Fortunately- just a week or so prior we were chatting back and forth on Facebook and I told him that I loved him so he knew.  I want to take the time to send some notes to different friends and family members to make sure that I tell them that I love and am proud of them too.  It's so important.  Losing Donnie was a stark reminder that life is too short and we need to make sure that everyone we love knows how we feel about them.

   As much as I have enjoyed sitting here and just writing about what's in my brain today, it's time to get moving!  Thanks for joining me on this attempt to focus my thoughts and get out of vacation mode.  I hope you have a terrific day! 


payitforward said...

I am a 45 year old male. I was diagnosed with R.A. about 6 years ago. This disease has changed my life. When it started, I knew little of what to expect and how this disease would progress. I started reading about it but since the symptoms, etc. didn't match my condition at that time, I relaxed and had a false sense of relief. I assumed it must be a mild form and that I will be fine.

However my body started to feel the full power of R.A. after about a year and I started consuming a cocktail of allopathic medication. My body started to crumble - pain, inflammation in all possible joints, lack of strength, mental fatigue, confusion about the future and a total surrender to the disease. I also lost a successful business and that hurt me mentally and financially.

The allopathic medication proved to be of little help and was almost (I was able to move with great difficulty) bedridden for about 18 months.

This is when I decided to fight. I had to. The doctors were not able to give me a satisfactory recovery plan. I decided to try alternate routes to recovery. First with Ayurveda and then with Homeopathy. This new combination helped me. My body started to respond and this fuelled my quest for more alternate medical therapies.

Today I use combination of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic medicines, I do Accunpucture, Yoga & Urine Therapy besides exercises to strengthen my body. It's been more than a year since I stopped allopatic medication and now depend solely on natural remedies. Besides natural medicines, I also stick to diet that's suitable to my body.

My ESR (sedimentation rate) which was 130 has come down to 30 & CRP which was 80 is now 11 in about a years time.

I believe that our body is capable of healing itself but sometimes we just have to provide the right stimulus for healing. If the stimulus is nature based (non chemical) the impact maybe slow but definitely long lasting and without any side effects.

I have benefited from natural remedies and hope this information is useful to people with problems similar to mine. Also if anyone does benefit, please pay it forward and educate others.

Julie Faulds said...

Hi and Welcome payitforward. I love your screen name! I am glad that the natural remedies have worked for you. I truly believe that if we can find that thing- be it traditional medicine, all natural methods or a balance between the two; we can have our life back!