Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Staycation

I have a small bit of work today- I am administering tests this morning starting at 7am amd then I am on vacation for a week.  My dearest friend flies in just after noon and hubby will pick her up at the airport.  By the time that they get her luggage and leave the airport, I will be done with my exams and will join them for lunch at a restaurant half way between the house and the airport.  I cannot wait to see her.  When we are together there is just an "Ahhhhhhhhhh" feeling.  We talk about everything.  We bitch about our jobs, we catch up on our lives and we laugh ourselves silly.  While we are both happy to just hang out at the house we do  have a few things on tap for the week.

First and foremost Friday we are doing a half night at Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  She and I went last year to the 2 hour guided tour and could not wait to go back.  This year, they will leave us essentially on our own ( no guides but in groups on each floor) only coming in to tell us when it is time to switch floors.  It's a big, creepy, sad but beautiful "old lady" and we are taking my hubbs and dad with us. 

 Second  - also on the "paranormal" front, we are going while hubby is work to the Jailer's Inn in Bardstown, KY.  There is also a second location in Bardstown that I have to do a little more research on before we commit.  On the Indiana side of the river- the Culbertson Mansion is minutes away. 

Third- Also while the husband is at work- we will go to the Y and do some swimming and the therapy pool and just relax. 

Fourth- With hubby (poor guy doesn't have much vacation time and we are saving it in case anything happens with his dad) we are going back to the Slugger Museum.  We love the Slugger and they currently have an exhibit of Rockwell's America. 

Fifth- Again without hubbs- we are going to Churchill Downs.  My friend has never seen horse racing and I just love watching it.  What better place to see it for the first time than Churchill Downs? 

Other than that- we don't have much on tap.  I am sure we will come up with other things to see and places to go but the most important thing is to just spend some quality time together.  I am counting down the hours till her plane lands and we can let the visiting commence! 


Jan said...

Have fun!

Jules said...

Thank's Jan! This particular friend has made the visit to us every year since we moved here. We both love her to death. :-)

How are you adjusting to your diagnosis?

Wren said...

Sounds like a really nice, relaxing and pleasant "staycation," Jules. I was wayyy ahead of the crowd with this one: I haven't been away for an actual "vacation" for years. When I was working, I got so that I prefered to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet, really getting a break and a rest, rather than going away on a hectic schedule, spending a ton of money and then coming home exhausted--only to have to go back to work the next day.
I don't mind staycations a bit. One of these days, though, I'm going to Northern Ireland. The pull gets stronger every day.
Have a wonderful time with your friend and your hubby! And rest!