Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Man Winter

I am so very, very grateful that he has "missed" us this time.  My friends and family, from California to Massachusetts and everywhere in between are in the midst of a horrific winter storm.  St. Louis, Chicago, Boston are looking at snow and ice in about the 18"-24" range.  If we had been in its path, this area would have been crippled.  Instead, we are looking at heavy rain fall, possibly flood-worthy measurements, but not at the "warning stage" as of yet.

There's another reason that I am grateful for this weather "event" missing us.  Winter weather is not very kind to my joints and muscles.  If you are not an RA'er, think of it this way:  you know how, when you go out to clean the snow and ice off of your car and you have forgotten your gloves your hands turn bright red and get all stiff and sore?  Well, gloves or no, when I go outside in the winter weather- it's instantaneous for me.  Hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet.  I basically become a popsicle.  Going in and out of the cold, my joints and muscles do this cycle several times a day and don't ever fully "recover".  It's most evident when I am out walking the pups at night.  Auggie's leash is a little more awkward than Harley's and has slipped out of my hand countless times because my hands don't fully close around it.  Fortunately, he won't wander far and will slow down until I can get it back in my hands.  Picking up after them is a challenge too but both are necessary so I have learned to tuck the leashes under my arm and use two hands if needed to  do the "poop scoop".  As long as there is no other animal around- that works well.  If there are other critters in the area, we have to wait until it's gone and they have settled before I do my thing.  It's a challenge- but one I have worked out.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  I am positive that we will have the 6 more weeks of winter but it gives me hope to know that Spring is on its way in.  I am just crossing my fingers (not literally-ha!) that this big storm that is making its way across the country is the last big one of the year.  I do NOT want to be driving in this kind of mess when we drive to New England in a few weeks.  Until then, I will just be grateful that we are where we are because I know that it would be much worse if we were still living there.  

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