Thursday, October 14, 2010

My "baby" is coming to visit

     It is so very hard to live 1000 (and 63) miles from my one and only child.  I miss him every single day.  I am very fortunate that we are close enough that if we go two to three days without talking on the phone, it's a big deal.  When we moved out here almost 3 1/2 years ago, he was 19 at the time and chose to stay behind because he had a girlfriend, a job, and had been teaching at his karate school for years and didn't want to give all of that up.  While we understood- both his father and I wish desperately that he had come with us. 

     A lot has changed for him in the last three years- but he is still not ready to leave New England.  Being an only child, we have been a little....indulgent with him.  He has had it pretty easy, even when it should have been tough.  Because he came to expect this, we have had to employ a little tough love as time has gone by to help him understand that if he wants to be the adult, he has to take responsibility for his choices and his actions.   We had a bit of an issue back near his birthday because all of his cousins were to supposed to be coming to visit this summer so we offered him a plane ticket so he could be here with all of them.  He turned us down because he had other priorities.  We were a little bit hurt- okay- a lot hurt- as it had been since we lost my mother-in-law over a year ago that we have seen him.  About a month and a half ago, he found out that someone that he very much respects and admires is teaching a seminar in my parent's town next month.  He called and asked if we would buy him a plane ticket to the seminar for Christmas.  I hesitated and his father flat out said NO.  My honey said that if he wanted to come, he would have to save the money and buy his own ticket.  We can drive him back and forth the hundred miles each way to the seminar, we can take vacation time so he can visit with us and with his grandparents, we will be thrilled to have him- but he has to learn that choices have consequences and buying his own ticket is one of them.  I stand behind my honey on this one.  As much as I wanted to have him here- my honey is right.  So we gambled- and this time we won!  Last night, he booked his plane ticket and will be here for 6 days with us. 

I cannot tell you how grateful that I am that he is coming.  I refused to allow myself to get excited before the tickets were booked but now I am over the moon.  I can't wait to spend some time with him.  I can't wait to hug his neck.   I absolutely adore my son (even when I don't agree with his choices) and will take any time that I can get with him. 

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