Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting back in the saddle

"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other."
— Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture)
     Well- it's back to work today.  I am most assuredly antsy.  I have been up since sometime during the 3:00 hour- I stopped looking at the clock around then and tried to go back to sleep but it just didn't happen.  Instead I got up and got *semi-productive*.  I cut three peaches to snack on at work.  I cut a big tomato and cuke for lunch.  I got my meds together.  I have started getting together all the things I need to take to my mom next visit.  I figure if I start putting it in my suitcase NOW- it will be there when I can go again.  I seem to forget something every time.  Unfortunately I can't put my empty flower pots in there-lol.  I think I will leave for work around between 6:30 and 7 so I can get a jumpstart on my email.  I also have a client meeting this week so I need to prep for that and go through everything on my desk before I head out to the floor. 

     I have two things I want to express gratitude for this morning.  First is, as I often give thanks for, my parents.  Though our plans changed significantly and they were unable to have all of their children and grandchildren together, they opened their doors and their arms to me and the pups for the week of my vacation.  For three years now I have spent my Thanksgiving week with them and it has become a tradition but midsummer- this was a first.  As I mentioned yesterday- the dogs really enjoyed themselves and were *for the most part* very well behaved.  Mom and Dad tolerated their "missteps" (Auggie has a bit of a seperation issue and helped himself to several things on bottom shelves while we were gone out one day) with far more grace and humor than I did.  For me, it was like having a toddler misbehave in public.  For them- it was both aggravating and amusing.  Needless to say- my stress level was high about it because I would not want them to dread the puppies coming to visit.  We are still working with Mr. Auggie and they understand that.  I am also grateful that my parents do not feel the need to "entertain" me.  I have another vacation coming very soon where we have packed 4 of the seven days (every other day for the most part) with *stuff* to share with my dear friend so it was very nice to just relax, run errands, visit, and have an unstructured week.  I was able to at the least lay down and rest even if I couldn't nap each day.  That was very needed. 

The second thing I am grateful for is how very well my baby sister is doing post bariatric surgery.  Since the beginning of April when she began this journey she has lost over 65lbs and 10.5 inches.  She could officially shop in my closet if she weren't 6 inches taller than I.  Though I guess she could use my slacks as capris for the summer-lol.  I am so very proud of her.  She is working so hard at this.  She deserves this.  She reached a milestone this week in that she is at her lowest weight since 2005 when she spent a full year getting down while her husband was in Quatar.  She is not just letting the surgery do it's thing- she is out there every day walking and has been going to the Y to use their treadmills when it is miserably hot out.  She is so committed and her hard work is paying off. 

As for me- every day is a bit of a struggle.  I think I need to find it in myself to recommit every single day.  I need to find it in myself to push through the prednisone effects and MOVE.  I need to start taking better care of myself and focus on the positive steps.  I need to set rewards for my non-scale victories and not let the scale be my focus and ruin my outlook. 

That's where I am- getting back on my routine and refocused even despite the sleep issues- re-energized.  Just what one would hope for from a vacation.  That's another thing to be grateful for this morning. 



MissDazey said...

I haven't been on your blog for awhile. When did you change it?

Please tell your sister something for me. I am proud of her and you! I know how very difficult eating correctly is, you both are doing GREAT.

Jules said...

I haven't been on my own blog in a week or so-lol. I changed it yesterday when I had time to play.

I will tell my sister- I am very proud of her hard work. Me- I can do better- I just have to do it! Thank you though- it's just what I needed.