Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being a Tourist

Next week my dear friend is flying in for a week and this time both my honey and I are taking vacation to spend with her.  I am thrilled that Jim gets to take some vacation as well because he works a lot of overtime and usually takes his "vacation" one day at a time.  The last time he took off more than one day was when we had to get back to MA for his mom's funeral.  To have him able to take most of the week off with us is a blessing. 

One of the fun things about having friends and family visit is that we get more of an opportunity to be tourists in our own town.  For this visit we have planned a trip to  The Louisville Mega Cavern  and  The Louisville Zoo  on Sunday with dinner at BD's Mongolian Grille for dinner.  Tuesday we are hitting The Coca-Cola Museum because my friend is as crazy about Coke products as my other half is Pepsi and I am coffee.  That evening we are doing a dinner cruise aboard the steamboat Spirit of Jefferson .  Thursday we are seeing the hometown Louisville Bats and Friday we are touring Waverly Hills.  It's a packed week of seeing Louisville. 
  One of Jim's and my favorite things to do is to just get in the car and drive around the city learning more about it.  We like to check out the different neighborhoods and stop at the hole-in-the-wall places that only locals know and discover places new to us.   After three years here- we are still enchanted with the city and all it has to offer so for us to see it through fresh eyes makes it even more special.

Obviously it is a vacation for her as well, so in addition to all of that, we have reserved every other day to relax, recharge and spend time just visiting and lounging by the pool.  On our "down days" I am planning on cooking up a storm so she can enjoy the fresh, homecooked meals that she doesn't often have time for running her store back in MA.  We both need this time as we each gear up for our respective "Rush" seasons.  We will spend time griping about our jobs (she was my boss and mentor), catching up on people that we know,  picking on my poor, outnumbered, husband and just enjoying each other's company.  It is the kind of vacation that I treasure.  No stress, no worries, no big expectations- just good friends and a good time. 

I have one long, long day today, then a meeting tomorrow and I am done with work for a week.  One infusion on Friday and some light housework and I will be done-done-done.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend and upcoming week. 

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