Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today's Aha Moment

I Had the most wonderful day with my honey and my puppies today. The weather was just beautiful weather.  It was in the 50's and sunny out- very much the peek of spring that has been missing in our lives.  When Jim got out of work we took a mini-road trip back to Madison.  When he called to tell me he wanted to go up there and get burgers- I just rolled my eyes and changed my clothes.  We really enjoy our rides together and it is not unusual for us to drive for good food.  In this case it is only amusing because we drove an hour each way for a meal of White Castle sized burgers and fries- but much better quality.  It was all of a $15.00 meal- including tip. 

We came back home, we took a nap and then when we got up we ran to the store and phamacy and then got the dogs in the truck and took them to walk along the river.  When there aren't a lot of people around there we can let Harley off her leash and let her run.  This time we let the dogs run- and I ran a little with them. Just a little- but more than I could have a year ago.  As an overweight smoker I always joked that the only way you would get me to run was if someone was chasing me- and today I got those legs moving.  And now I am having a really yummy salad for dinner then watching Survivor with Jim.

It was as we lay down to sleep this afternoon for our usual "family nap" that I had my Aha Moment.  I was on one side of the bed, Jim on the other with our hands touching and Auggie was laying with his head on my leg.  Harley started out near Jim but moved over to snuggle against my other leg. It was a very sweet moment and as she settled in, a sense of peace stole over me.  I looked down (up?) at them; smiled and thought "Yes!  This is my life and it is just how it should be."  That was my last thought as I drifted off into the best sleep I have had in weeks.  Two hours later I stirred and stretched and the puppies stirred and stretched with me and then came jumping over to give me kisses before I helped my little old lady Harley down off the bed. 

I am so thankful for the day we have had together.  It was completely spontaneous, it was not something remarkable, but it was the kind of day that if you have that moment as I did, you realize that you are so truly blessed and none of the "bad stuff", none of the stress, none of your worries- can take that away.  It also sends me to bed tonight open to another day just like it tomorrow. 

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