Sunday, May 17, 2009

With everything you give up, you gain something else

I was lamenting last night some of the "me" things that I have "given up" since I moved out to Indiana. Fortunately, my brain is in good enough a place that I immediately switched gears to the things I have gained in return.

So here are just a few things that I have given up:

Bi-Weekly Manicures.
Bi-Weekly Pedicures.
Bi-weekly to Monthly Haircuts.
Regular evenings out with my honey and friends.
Regular Massages.
My membership to Weight Watchers

A few things I have gained in return:

Time- those things all take time.
A lack of need for a 2nd job (they take money too!)
A renewed sense of self
Less stress

Though I do miss being able to pamper myself on a regular basis, I have found that I don't NEED it, I just enjoy it. I have found that the things that were a part of being a little on the "high maintenance" side, did not define me. I spent so many years- and thousands of dollars- on my hair, my nails, my toes, and worrying about my appearance that I lost sight of the fact that those were indugences not necessities. Heck- before my RA- I might not have needed the massages had I not been working two jobs for so many years and constantly stressing myself out.

Of course, now with the Rheumatoid Arthritis and possible Fibromyalgia to boot- the massages are medical as well as indulgences. I am going to have to figure out how to work them back into my life. I am also going to have to either work back in Weight Watchers or a membership to the Y because losing some (or all) of this weight would be a big medical benefit as well. As for the rest- I am doing just fine without my acrylics, an occasional pedicure when I do a charity walk will do me just fine, and as for my hair.....once it grows back I can just as well have highlights at someplace like Supercuts as I can at any salon since I don't have my Jody any more. The grays are peeking through and though I have accepted them- I could live with "blending" them instead of having them stand out so much.

But back to the things I have gained- my life is so much more peaceful, and so much more full. Interesting thought that- fuller with less. Something to ponder as I go about my day.

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RA said...

What a great attitude! While it's certainly great to pamper ourselves, I think sometimes we overlook all the work and stress that is sometimes required to do such pampering.

A great time saver as well, as you list first on the things you have gained.

Best wishes with the weight loss. A couple of years after I was diagnosed - after recovering from the loss of use of my knees, and after tapering off the prednisone (and the many pounds it added) I too realized it was time to shed those extra pounds. As I am going through another major flare with problems in my ankles, I am grateful that I am no longer carrying around the extra weight.

Please keep us updated!