Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a crazy couple of months.

Unfortunately, we lost Mom F just a few weeks ago. The whole thing was just heartbreaking. Every day I am just thankful that I had 25 years with her as my mom too. Never once did we have the "inlaw" boundaries thing between us. I only hope that everyone else is able to find some peace. It is sad how death of a loved one brings out the worst in people. Just another reason I am glad we are out here in Kentuckiana rather than plopped in the middle of everything.

Jim's job had more layoffs yesterday. Just when it looked like things were getting back to "normal" for them- another 20 jobs were cut. It really is getting scary. Each time they trim more staff, my heart jumps into my throat- even though we have a plan if he does get laid off. I am just very, very fortunate that my job is relatively secure. We just need to look and see where we can cut back in our daily lives so that if it happens- we can be okay.

On top of all of that- it looks like I may be facing Fibromyalgia on top of my RA. Evidently my RA is under control- but I am still having a lot of daily pain. Now that the joints are doing better- we can point to the muscles as where the current pain is originating.

It is very difficult to practice gratitude and positivity in the face of all of these challenges. During my review yesterday (which was good) my boss mentioned that she has noticed the stress getting to me. I was planning to work on Friday- just to add more comp time- but I think it is time to take it off and just relax. I think I need to take Harley out and just play. I think I need to get caught up at the house and to take a day that is for nothing other than to consider all the good things in my life. Usually when I can get my mind into the right mindset- one where I am feeling positive and thankful- the answer to my challenges come more easily.

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