Saturday, May 30, 2009

We DID It!

Dad and I got out there this morning and rocked our 5k Arthritis Walk. Louisville did a good job of hosting it- better than E-ville at any rate. One thing that makes me a little sad is that RA- and Arthritis in general- are so easily ignored.

Perhaps it is a lack of awareness. Perhaps it is that it is not considered a "fatal illness". Having walked the Breast Cancer Walks- which are a wonderful cause- and having seen the turnouts for the ACS's Relay for Life and then looking at the participation for the Arthritis Foundation's last two events serves to underscore just how invisible our disease is.

Oh well- I still feel like I accomplished something today. I am definately paying for it now (multiple ice packs thanks) but it was well worth it.

Great job to all the walkers, the volunteers and the folks who were out there to cheer us on. The River City Drum Corp was FANTASTIC. Those kids really kept us with a pep in our step through the whole walk and the sponsors had a lot of good information out there for us.

Now I am off to nurse my joints before my little princess needs her evening constitutional.


RA Guy said...

Thanks for the update, and thanks for taking part in the Arthritis Walk!!!

Jules said...

Thanks RA Guy! We have to stick together and raise as much awareness as we can!