Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks for my lucky stars

I know, I know. The saying is "thank my lucky stars." Not for me tonight though. I was out walking Harley and it has been a gray, overcast day all day. So this evening when we were walking I kept looking up- trying to see the stars through the clouds. I saw a couple of planes- that was a disappointment. Just as we were heading home, I looked up and the clouds parted and there they were. Beautiful, bright, shining stars. I honestly think I grinned ear to ear. It just made my heart feel lighter. So tonight I am thankful for my lucky stars. <3

And if you haven't seen it- you need to check this out. Only someone with a heart of stone could resist these adorable shiba inu puppies on this puppy cam:

I can spend literally hours watching them play. I will be so sad when they start going to their forever homes.

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