Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's a beautiful Sunday morning

And despite the fact that it is flurrying (yuk!) outside this morning, there is much to be thankful for.

I had a very quiet day yesterday. We all need those days occasionally where we can do, or not do, whatever we want. I watched everything on my dvr, got my laundry caught up, the dining room is ready to become Christmas central and I relaxed- a LOT. It was lovely. I accomplished a lot- at my own pace.

My RA is still mostly undercontrol. A little swelling and stiffness is something I can live with- but there is a decided difference between this Sunday morning and last when I was on the dose pack of prednisone. I am just grateful to be out of the flare. It was SO not fun.

I only have four days till vacation! Next week at this time I will be firmly ensconced at Mom and Dads. I only hope that Jim gets the weekend off so that we don't have to rush back after Thanksgiving dinner.

This week I am focusing my thoughts and energy on my mother-in-law's upcoming surgery. Next Friday she undergoes a difficult surgery to remove a tumor in her throat/neck. It will change her life forever. I know that she has the strength to deal with the road that she faces- I only hope that she knows it. My prayers will be with her this week and in the months to come for her recovery. I am just thankful that she finally decided to go ahead with treatment.

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