Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Television shows- old and new

I know it is silly to be grateful for TV shows- but they are such an escape. While I am at that- I will add my DVR.

I am hooked on a lot of the crime shows- all three CSI's, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs. I love Ghost Whisperers and I LOVE the new 90210 and Raising the Bar. I love some reality shows too- Extreme Makeover Home Edition- makes me grateful for my life every time I watch it. Survivor- makes me grateful that I don't have to act like that. Project Runway, Top Chef,- make me wish that I had the passion that these folks do, and Ghosthunters- Oh man I wanna do that!

Anyway- I was just looking at my DVR and it seems that TVland is rerunning a lot of eps of EMHE this week. My dvr is going to fill up- but when I sit and watch them- I will have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

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