Thursday, September 25, 2008

On seeing how the universe delivers

Yes- I believe in "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction"

Yes- part of my gratitude journey is to see how the universe has already delivered for me.

A few examples from the last two years-

I needed to be closer to my parents- and the job at Hanover opened up.

I needed to let Josh spread his wings- so when he chose to stay behind- I didn't fall apart, I was able to let him do it.

I felt isolated in Madison- so the transfer to IU came about.

Jim and I needed to reconnect- so he found a day job and we have our evenings together.

I needed to have someone to love and take care of- we found Harley.

When all of this was going on, though occasionally I felt scared- for the most part, each step has felt "right". No second guessing, no regrets, just a feeling of calm knowing that this is what I needed along the way.

We are so much better off now than we have been in the last twenty years. Mentally, emotionally and physically we are better people for sitting back and taking this journey. I feel so blessed by everything that has happened to us since we put our faith out there and took a leap.

I know that we can know what we need and the way will be shown to us. For that I can be eternally grateful!

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