Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pajama Day or Spa Day? That is the question.

     Hey gang!  I have been so, so, SO busy for so long that taking today off to relax feels like playing hooky.  I am not- I promise.  I am planning on a long day Friday as I travel to another store to observe their inventory and then I am opening the store on Saturday for an Open House for prospective students so even though I took off today, I am still at about......47 hours this week.  The problem is that for the last three months I have been working so much that taking a day in the middle of the week is almost illicit.  There's been so much going on (and will continue to be until May 15th) that it's been overwhelming.  Even when I wasn't working my brain has been going in the background working on that next thing.  I almost feel like I haven't been able to breath- and today is that first full-lung breath.

     So what to do today?  First instinct is to stay in my jammies all day and binge on the DVR and just vegetate but I do have one or two errands to do that would negate that a bit.  Not rough errands- I need to drop Jim's suit off at the dry cleaner so it's ready for my sister's wedding and *maybe* run to Meijer to pick up some fruits and veggies.  Because we haven't had many meals together lately I offered to cook for Jim tonight.  He was in the mood for burgers.  Let's be honest- I make decent burgers but I cook other things much better, so I offered to run to Five Guys if I am out since that's his favorite.  Then he can have a burger, a bacon dog and REALLY good fresh fries ready when he walks in the door at 3:45 and will have time to rest before heading to Lowes for his evening shift without me banging around cleaning up the dishes and such.

     The second inclination is to do a home-spa "day".  I have a lot of things like mud masks and nail polish, bubble bath,  facial scrubs and such.  I can pick up a few more things at Meijer and spend the evening taking care of my outside.  I have music, recorded meditations, my favorite Blueberry Matcha, yoga OnDemand, candles and, of course, a puppy to snuggle to nourish my insides.  A few hours of peace sounds really, really good.

  Either way, I can take off my comfy pajamas, toss them in the laundry before I head out, transfer it when I get back and when I am done with my ministrations or just dinner, put on warm pajamas- there's nothing better than warm, just-out-of-the-dryer jammies.  It's like slipping on a hug and who can't use a hug?

Well- I think I am going to finish the show I am watching and then change.  Timing will be everything in making sure I get home in time for dinner with the hubby without being too early or too late.  I am so ready to win the Powerball and retire so I can enjoy days like this at my leisure!

Have a lovely, lovely day!  

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DustyandKate Heumann said...

I hope you took full advantage of a day of self-pampering. You have certainly earned it. Hurry up and win that Powerball. Muah!