Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Thunder Buddy and the Event....

Thunder Buddy (for LIFE) had a rough night tonight- and naturally shared with us. We didn't go to bed until late, just after midnight the three of us crawled into bed. Around 12:30 Auggie jumped off the bed for some water and curled up on his own bed. I really don't know what time the storm started probably because we sleep very well during storms but Auggie freaked out and managed to squeeze himself in between the wall and bed and get under the bed. Now- my bed has drawers under it so there's not room to just slide under there.  Every clap of thunder, every flash of lightening brought a bark or two. So up I got with him around 2:30 and tried to get him to come out to the living room with me so he didn't wake Jim as well but he couldn't figure out how  to get back out since technically- there's really not room. It wasn't until about 40 minutes later that Jim woke up enough to help me move the bed to get him out. He was so scared that he actually went out INTO the storm to relieve himself. Shortly thereafter- the boys both went back to sleep- Jim back to bed and Auggie curled up in the chair in my office and I have been cleaning out the DVR and sucking down copious amounts of coffee for the last 3 hours.  Gotta love being a light sleeper who can't get back to bed after being woken.  It worked well when Josh was a baby and needed to be cared for in the middle of the night.  Now that I am getting older- not so much.  

I hope you all got some sleep- and have a lovely Sunday

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