Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Rush is OVER!

Well, my Rush is over.  I made it through my first rush without my Assistant Manager.  It was grueling and now I am paying for it.  I spent about 6 weeks working no less than 60 hours a week and my body has officially rebelled.  My everything is swollen, my everything hurts.  I expected to bring on an RA flare but this time I even brought on a Fibro flare.  When I saw my Rheumy yesterday I told her "even my skin hurts!".  She was pretty taken back because I rarely complain.  But- she put me on a 12 day dose pack of Prednisone, changed my muscle relaxer and now I just take the next 3 days to rest, relax and recuperate.
I don't love Prednisone but if it makes it so I can put on real shoes again- I will deal with it.

Hubby is still without work.  It's making both of us crazy.  He has turned job hunting into a full time job (as he should) but he's getting very frustrated.  I understand it but he has to understand that he's 50.  He's up against people much younger- and less "expensive" for jobs.  Oh well, what can you do, right?  Just keep plodding along I guess.  I shouldn't say it but I have kind of enjoyed having a "house husband" during my rush.  It took a lot of pressure off of me.  If we could afford it, it would be good for me to have him here full time to keep taking care of the house and all the day to day.

Now- it's time to go back and put my feet up and nap before the Patriot's game today.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  

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DustyandKate Heumann said...

I'm glad you can get your shoes on again. 15 degrees is not flip flop weather. Life is a bitch when your personal work-ethic is your worst slave master and won't let you even think the word "quit". You have no idea how much your mom and I admire you. Stay strong; God will walk each painfull step with you..