Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new wrinkle in the RA journey

Last Friday I returned from an almost week long trip to Florida.  Sunday was travel, Monday my friends and I spent at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Tuesday-Thursday were VERY full days of our annual meeting and trade show and Friday travel back home.

The trip to Universal was strictly to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  As biblio-dorks, we love the books, and the movies were top notch.  We were SO very excited and really enjoyed ourselves.  The best part was, having no children with us, we were able to wander around and spend as much or as little time at the attractions as we wished.  We ended up walking all of Islands of Adventure two and a half times over a span of 7 hours.  Nothing too arduous and truly enjoyable.

The work part of the week was a *bit* more strenuous but nothing horrid.  Which is why it was a very big surprise when, Tuesday night my feet and ankles started to swell. Nothing was hurting but they ballooned to the point that shoes had to come off and stay off early.  I woke up Wednesday morning and all was well but by Wednesday night- they were back to huge and though they weren't achy- they were swollen to the point that I could feel the....stretching of the skin?  It was wildly uncomfortable.  I talked to my bosses and received a "dispensation" to wear flip flops on Thursday to the trade show which was good because the swelling was not gone by morning and shoes were NOT fitting on my feet.  Friday- same thing.  I ended up traveling home in them- which was fine because I prefer to travel that way anyway.  Saturday and Sunday- I only bothered to put anything on to run to the store and by Sunday evening the swelling was gone enough to put on shoes for work on Monday.

Now, I know that inflammation and swelling is just a part of living with RA- but this was new to me.  Generally speaking, when I am swollen it's because my joints are inflamed and hurt like mad.  This time, the only discomfort was from the severe amount of swelling involved.  Where the foot and the ankle meet looked like two little fat rolls and the pressure was just...weird.  It wasn't that it was painful like the joint pain.  It was just so uncomfortable that I kept looking down to see what in the world was going on down there in my body.

So my question to my RA friends out there is:  Have you ever experienced this?  I am assuming it was because of the travel and the walking but since I walk regularly I am not positive.  I took photos for my next visit with my Rheumy but it just puzzles me so I wanted to reach out to you.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?


daina said...

So glad I know what you're talking about!!! This happens to me EVERY TIME I fly these days. We don't know why, but it's water retention (at least with me). My doc had me take an otc water pill and it helped immensely. A lot of the meds we're given with RA can cause it (prednisone being the one that prob causes mine). It's annoying and painful, but the water pill def helps me. :) and since my feet are so bad I can't wear flip flops, so it's a good thing it does!!!
Daina Stock

Miss Dazey said...

So sorry! Have had same for 20 plus years. I feel you pain, because I know that it's really uncomfortable and painful. I personally think it can happen for different reasons.. Sitting too much, standing or walking too much.

I never tried OTC water pill, but will. Soaking feet in warm water helps pain.

adrienne said...

My ankles/lower legs sometimes swell when it is hot and humid. It feels like my skin is stretching. I feel like if I poked my skin with a pin water would come pouring out! I have a stash of RX water pills but they make me pee incessently so I only take them when I am at home. I would bring this up to your doc. I hear it can also be signs of other things.

Anonymous said...

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