Monday, September 10, 2012

What can I learn from a hard lesson?

I am struggling a bit this morning.  Yesterday was a lovely day.  My hubby and I, both big fans of football in general and the New England Patriots specifically, drove down to Nashville to see the season opener of our Pats against the Tennessee Titans. I bought the tickets a few months ago and what was left after season ticket holders, corporate folks and what-not were nosebleed seats.  I thought it would be okay.   I did my homework.  Our seats were up high but there was an elevator.  Each floor has food, restrooms etc.  While the parking lot is reserved for season ticket holders only (really!) there was supposed to be public parking nearby.

Well- the information was correct- sort of.  Nearby parking is subjective.  We got there early and still ended up over a mile from the stadium and up and over the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. When we got to the field, while there was indeed an elevator, there was also another estimated 50 very steep stairs to our seats.  I managed it make it up the first time, when we went in early to scout our seats, then back down to grab a bite (literally- the brat was YUKKY!), go to the restroom, get drinks and then back up again to the seats.  We sat there for the first half and then made our way back down to the third floor concourse.  Fortunately (for me) hubby was starting to feel sunburned and he wasn't crazy about the idea of me doing those stairs again because he could see that my knees and back were giving me trouble so we decided to make our way back across the bridge and find a little place to get some food and watch the rest of the game.  We actually stopped about a quarter of the way up the bridge because there was a perfect view of the jumbotron from there!  We made our way to Past Perfect and had a wonderful lunch (me-crab cakes, him meatloaf if you are ever in Nashville) and watched the rest of the game and then hopped in the car and headed back to Louisville.  After the three hour drive back home, it was hard even getting out of the car.  Everything was hurting.  The 3 hour drive back was just enough time for my muscles and joints to get to the point of protest. I stumbled into the house and gave some loving to the puppies.  Hubby hooked them up to their tie outs and I went outside with them and sat on the bench until they were ready to come back in.  I unhooked them before standing up-giving thanks that they are good babies and wouldn't run off when off their leads- and then stopped for my Flexeril and then took myself up to my bed.

So why am I struggling? I am completely bummed out about how ridiculously easy it was to cause myself so much pain.  I am bummed because I *thought* I was doing well- better than in a long time- and evidently I was wrong.  I am struggling because there has got to be some way to strengthen my muscles without making my joints rebel so that maybe next time I can go to an event and not look at those stairs and fear what will happen the next day.

I need a course of action.  I think the first thing to do is to allow myself to rest today.  Thankfully I had already decided to take the day off before all of this.  Next, I think it's time to go back to yoga class.  Beyond that- I am at a loss.  I think that means it's time for a nap.  Maybe when I wake up I will have more ideas.  We shall see.  

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Miss Dazey said...

Julie, I so understand all of this. Keep doing what you can, and rest when you can. Does yoga help?