Monday, March 12, 2012

A new beginning every day

" No one can go back and make a brand new start my friends, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end."    Dan Zandia

It was a rough wake up this morning.  I got a slow moving (thank goodness) elbow in the face from the other half as he was rolling over and hogging the bed. I hadn't slept well anyway as my neck has been stiff on the right side and my shoulder stiff on the left side for 2 days now and I couldn't get comfortable so that was all it took to get me out of bed before 3am.  Then, my brain kicked in and was thinking of all of the million things I have to do today.  My immediate thought as I flipped through the Rolodex of tasks to be done was "Hello Monday!"  I was about half way down the stair case when that thought hit me and I stopped in my tracks.  I  know myself well enough to know that if I got down the stairs still grumbling, I would let my day be "One of THOSE day." and that wasn't how I wanted to start my week.  I took a deep breath and said (out loud no less) "Okay- let's start over!"  

I came the rest of the way downstairs and clicked on the coffee pot then went in search of my pup.  He had dashed down the stairs in front of me so I knew he was around.  I sat down with him and started just rubbing his belly while I took a few deep breaths to get rid of all of the stress that had already mounted.  By the time my coffee finished brewing, Auggie was back to sleep and I was feeling significantly better.  I popped online and what did I see?  My son was on as well.  I had forgotten that he was working last night!  Finding him on while he was working afforded the opportunity for us to message back and forth for about an hour.  That certainly put a smile on my face. 

As I was no longer cranky I was able to start making a list of things I needed to get done for work this week, as well as a list for home.  Looking at it on paper let me put things in perspective.  As I looked at my list and was figuring out my time table- I started thinking.  It wasn't hubby's fault that we connected this morning, actually that means that he was sleeping well for a change.  It's no one's fault that my neck is stiff and sore and I know that all I can do is ride it out till it gets better.  Being up extra early gave me a chance to talk to the boy and it gave me some one on one time with my spoiled puppy.  It gave me extra time to plan my meals for the day and take my time doing the prep work. It really was not a bad thing after all.  

  It would have been easy to just keep on down those stairs and let the way I started my day dictate how the rest of it went. I could have wallowed in self pity for the literal pain in my neck.  I could have been angry because Jim flopped over on my side of the bed and popped me in the process.  I could have just let the crankiness influence how I saw my upcoming week and in turn allowed myself to be overwhelmed with all of the big things I have to do between now and my inventory on the 24th.  

 Instead, it was surprisingly easy to stop and flip it 180 degrees.  I have slathered my neck and shoulder with Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder rub and it is a delightful warmth on those sore muscles. I have already cut a cantaloupe for a snack, blended my pineapple/blueberry/banana/yogurt smoothie for lunch and it's in the freezer.  I have portioned out my breakfast and pulled out the ingredients we need for our Na'an bread pizzas for dinner.  I have emailed a to do list to work, gotten dressed, tossed on a little makeup and enjoyed most of the pot of coffee I brewed. I have folded and put aside some of the clothes that I am wearing for my upcoming business trip.  All in all- it's been a productive morning.   All that is left is to pack my food, pack my iPad and phone and I will be able to dash out the door and get to work.  

 What a gift we have been given!  We can make the choice to make each and every day, each and every hour, each and every minute better than the last!  No matter what is happening in our lives, we can choose to see that glass as half full or half empty.  That power is ours and no one else's!    I have to agree with Buddha when he said:  

  "Each morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most."  


robbielynn said...

Thank you. This is just the reminder I needed.

Adrienne said...

Nice! How many times have we had mornings like that? It is good you turned it around and didn't let it ruin your whole day.