Monday, September 12, 2011

Is there an app for that?

Have you ever thought about posting something and held off?  All day yesterday I wanted to post a specific post but I think it would have sounded pretty bitter so I thought the whole thing out, figuratively getting it off my chest- then let it go.  Also yesterday I composed a pretty long post about something that is beginning to concern me in some of the RA/Fibro support message boards that is ready to go and sitting on my iPad.  I have a pretty cool app that I like for blogging that will post straight from there to here.  I was planning on posting it today but decided to hold off when I had this little thought buzzing around in my head that I can't get rid of.

I love my iPad.  I like my iPhone a lot too- but I am really glad I bought the iPad.  I am currently playing a scrabble-like game (Words with Friends) with 8 different people all across the country.  I have my blogger app,  one called Editions which is a "newspaper" that AOL puts out that customizes the news content to your interests on a national and local level.  I love Flipboard.  Flipboard pulls together your Facebook, Twitter and other website news into one client as well.  I have Netflix on there- which I also enjoy, ESPN Scoreboard, GetGlue (think foresquare for entertainment), different games and my Nook - all of which I use every day.  It also is close enough to a laptop that I can tear myself away from my computer.   I have taken videos from it and emailed them directly to my son and sisters, and better pictures on both the iPhone and iPad that I have ever taken with a camera.  I have discovered that I actually DO take decent pictures- of landscape and the sky.  Not very exciting- but I have a thing about looking at the sky.  I can watch clouds for hours and love to lay out an look at the stars.  It reminds me that there is so very much more out there than just me.  It's a good way to check my self when I am feeling overwhelmed or when I am feeling a little too big for my britches.

What I was thinking last night- it came to me as I was just falling asleep was that I need an app for gratitude.  I am not great about journaling long-hand but if I see it sitting on the front page of my devices- it will prompt me. Plus- I think about something I am grateful for during the day and with my "RA/Fibro Fog- Swiss Cheese" brain- it's gone before I get home to my journal.  Having it with me electronically might help with that.  So this morning, I downloaded a couple.  We will see which one I like best.

While I was fooling around in the iTunes store, I plugged Kindness into the search engine.  From there I bought an app called "Abundantly Me" which gives me a task every day to have a positive effect on my world.  There is a website like that which I LOVE- but there is no app version of that one.

I honestly didn't think I would find these or anything like them.  I should have known better. What I need is an app that will let me sleep, will clean my house, will cook when I don't feel like cooking - you know, the daily things that are tedious or are not getting done completely.  Maybe what I really need is a time slowing app so that I can really get everything done.  Too bad that no developer is working on that one because I know a lot of people who could use it!  


Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I just linked into it from RA Warrior.
You seem very balanced and that's not easy to maintain with chronic illness- I've had RA and Fibro for many years-and I strive every single day to achieve that balance. I'm lucky if I achieve it by nighttime and then you have to start all over again the next day.
Anyway- I LOVE my iPad. I've used my gratitude app for years. It helps just to remind me each day of how much I do have.
And yes to the pain blog! Im 56, had this for 18 years, and had enough-going to the pain management doc next week.
Hope yours is a good day.

Jules said...

Thanks for visiting and WELCOME! I am having a lot of fun with my gratitude app. It really does make me stop and think- which is great! Best of luck with your pain management doctor. I hope you stop by again , I love talking to people who are in the place I am striving to be.