Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving- which I hope that you are all enjoying today with your families- I need to get my own list of things that I am thankful for out here. 

1-  My husband and son.  We all know I am nuts about both of them, but I am also incredibly grateful for both of them.  They are good men and I love them dearly. 

2- My family.  I have both of my parents, two sisters by blood and one by heart, their spouses,and assorted neices and nephews (9 now!) that are all wonderful.  I am so blessed that we all get along as well as we do and that we genuinely like one another.

3-  My inlaws.  Marrying my honey over 24 years ago gave me the gift of his parents and his siblings as well. 

4- My dear friends- who are also family.  Our circle of friends are the family of my heart and I am grateful every day- whether I get to talk to them or not- for having them in my life. 

5- My RA "Family".  Those of you that are with me in this battle day in/day out and share your stories- you give me hope, you give me strength and you strengthen my faith.  I am so very grateful for each and every one of you.

I was listening to Dr. Maya Angelou on Oprah Radio (for which I am also grateful) this morning and she said that she gives thanks constantly- for everything great and small.  Everything from waking up every morning to finding a good parking space.  It keeps her in a gratitude mind.  I think I am going to try that for a while.  I think it will help me as well. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!


Anonymous said...

I love Maya!! Have always loved her calm spirit and voice. I've always told my hubs, "If ever I get to where i'm no longer able..... play me some morgan freeman or maya so i may listen to the calm in their voices."

Happy Holidays to you and yours. From our home to yours. Tammy

Wren said...

Happy day to you, too, Jules!