Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days

I don't know about you but when I was a kid, a snow day was just about the greatest thing since dill pickles. A snow day meant staying in jammies and watching tv for a while, then getting bundled up and going outside to play in the snow for hours until we couldn't feel our fingers or noses. It meant collecting snow for snow cream, which mom would make for us and we thought we were just SO fancy. It meant hot cocoa and soup to warm you up. It was a day of freedom from school and homework. It was like a surprise vacation. Who didn't love a snow day?

Then I grew up. And snow days meant traffic hassles, finding a sitter or calling in to work and losing pay, and other headaches as it disrupted the day. It certainly changes your perspective when you are on the other side of the "kids getting to be home all day" coin. LOL.

Seven years ago- I started working in higher ed. Guess what? Snow days became fun again! I think we watch the tv and websites as hard if not harder than the kids!

Today- school was called off at 5:45 am. I let out a whoop that probably would be heard at my hubby's work. I called him anyway to let him know so he wasn't surprised when he got home. I poured myself another coffee and sent up a quick word of thanks. I started a tenderloin in the crock pot for pulled pork for dinner. I watched a show on my DVR- and now a second- and very soon, as soon as this cup of coffee is finished and this show is over- I am heading back to bed. It is such a wonderful indulgence to be able to crawl back in bed on a Tuesday morning- not because I am sick, not because I am in a flare- but just because I want a nap.

So now I have come full circle. I am back where I was 35 years ago- incredibly grateful for a snow day.


Living It, Loving It said...

I knew I should have gone into education! But I was the one in morning traffic when the roads were icy and the accidents were plenty and I will the same thing on evening commute home. Enjoy your snow day. :)

Wren said...

Growing up in the Central Valley of Northern California, I NEVER had a snow day back when I was in school, not grade school, high school or college. Maybe that's why I'm still so charmed by the snow when it comes, though I'll admit I sure didn't enjoy having to drive down the mountain in it when I was working full time. Snow at my altitude in the Sierras doesn't often stay for more than a couple of days; usually, it warms up quickly and rains.

But I do enjoy it, just the same. And I understand completely your joy at having a "snow day" as an adult, a non-weekend day to just relax instead of rushing around. I hope it continued to be lovely, Jules. Yay snow!