Friday, February 19, 2010

Looking forward to a quiet weekend

This weekend we have very little in the way of plans.  We have to get laundry done (visting Mt. Wash-ington) because we have a lot of it that needs to be folded and ironed.  That is the only thing that I really *have* to get done. 

I would like to sort through my craft supplies and get some of them listed on Freecycle.  I would like to get going through my magazine stack and work on a new foam vision board.  I would like to sort through at least one bin of photos.  I would like to take some clothes over to Goodwill.  I would like to scrub the floors and do the carpets.  But none of these things are huge priorities.  If I feel like it- it would be good to get these things done, if not- I will get to them eventually. 

It is such a luxury to have a weekend free of any plans.  I love when we get to go visit my parents.  I enjoy, very much, spending time with them.  I hate when we have to come home because when we do- not only do we have to say goodbye  but we also lose an hour (we have a time zone change half way between us) and then we have to get home and get ready for the week and it feels like we are rushing through the end of our weekend.  When either of us works on Saturday (which for hubby is often) it means that we both have to get up because the pups get up and they need to be walked when they get up- but when we don't- they will sleep in with us for a little while so we can wake up naturally and it starts the day off in a relaxed mode.  When we do get a weekend that we don't have plans to go visit my parents and when we don't have to work, and we don't have anything pressing that needs to be done, it is a little slice of heaven right here on earth.  It is also a far, far cry from the many weekends where we spent the majority of it working until 3 am only to turn around and go back the next day. 

So the "plan" this weekend is to start folding laundry when I get home tonight.  Saturday- I will finish the laundry (including the ironing and matching up the dreaded sock mountain) and then pick and choose from the rest of the list of "would like to" as I feel like.  We will have to stop at the grocery store for a few items but nothing major.  We might even (weather permitting) take the pups to the riverwalk for a romp.  Sunday- absolutely nothing.  I will take my MTX shot and nap before I plan my week.  I will also check our calendar (LOVE Google Calendar- the majority of our family is synced) and see when we can plan to go to Mom and Dad's the next few weeks.  Our goal is getting all of our housework done on Saturday so we can purely relax on Sunday. 

I am so grateful for these "free" weekends that we get to spend together.  It reminds us how blessed we are to have made the changes that allow them. 

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