Saturday, October 11, 2008

Small things to be thankful for

First- I am very thankful that I was not involved in the auto accident that I witnessed tonight. It scared the crap out of us it was so loud and so close. And I am thankful that noone was injured because it could have been really, really bad.

Now for the little things- I am thankful that:

  • Harley doesn't bark like the dog across the way
  • Harley doesn't try to "escape" all of the time like a couple of people I know's dogs.
  • My hands don't look like the photos I saw at the Arthritis Expo.
  • We at least checked out Harvest Homecoming even though it was too crowded for us to stay for long.
  • Josh calls almost every day even if it is just to say Hi
  • The people you least expect keep in the most contact
  • some silly movies can make you feel so good no matter how many times you watch them
  • the Pats are national tomorrow night so I won't have to watch the Colts instead
  • That so many of my friends are online. <3

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